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Troubled with Corner Cabinets? Here’s What You Can Do with Those

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Kitchen-owners or re-modellers, sometimes or the other, are meant to deal with the “what to do with the kitchen corners”. But in this article, we have tried providing some solutions that will help you transform those difficult corners into something effective and convenient.

Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are those smart kitchen friends that are designed to make use of the space in a corner. They may be glass cabinets or be made of wood completely. Since most kitchens and some bathrooms too are made in rectangular or L-shaped layouts, you will at least have one corner to deal with.

What Problems Do These Corners Create for Kitchens?

The cabinet corners in kitchens, whether they are located on the walls (upper) or bases (lower) create natural design issues when the geometry of most homes meets the scarcity of space.

And, as a result, they can lead to several problems that are mentioned below:

  • These corners are too deep to reach and you will invariably end up getting sprains in your back or shoulders.
  • Since they are deeper than other cabinets, especially the ones in the base, these are very dark inside, and finding any small thing inside can be difficult.
  • The inaccessible corners are also a favourite place of pests because you visit the corners rarely, becomes a dumping ground for unused products, and gets cleaned even rarely.

The Smart Solutions for Corner Cabinets

Corners and corner cabinets are not all bad. All you need to do is improvise and put them to use smartly.

Design a Statement Piece Out of The Corner Cabinets

We at Glass Cabinets Direct believe that neither only functionality nor only beauty makes a glass display cabinet a great buy. Thus, we have created a stunning range of products.

If you want to make a statement piece out of a corner cabinet in a classic way, you can attach statement mullion doors for that added sophistication and extravaganza. In the case of kitchens, you can store the chic dinnerware in these cabinets, or the pricey toiletries in case of bathrooms.

Organisational Spaces are the Best to Convert Your Corner Cabinets In

Want to optimise every inch of that corner space, which you actually cannot reach out to? Well, here are some options that you can do with them.

Install a Lazy Susan

Installing a Lazy Susan in your corner cabinet just makes it easier for you to reach out to everything you require, with a gentle spin. Full-out and pie-cut trays are available. Choose the one that fits your cabinet the best.

Roll Out Trays

No more excessive stretching of the back and getting hurt. With roll-out trays, all you need to do is slide out the drawer and get what you were looking for.

Cabinet Dividers

We can’t even reach out to the corner cabinets. How can you even expect it to be organised and spick and span? The specially designed cabinet dividers are there to keep you organised and keep your things in place. Whether you want to arrange your cutting board or lids of boxes, everything is now just within your reach.

Tips To Maximise Usage of Your Corner Cabinets

Now that you have beautifully organised corner cabinets, you now must learn to make use of those fully. Here are some expert tips that you need to keep in mind.

Use The Base Corner Cabinets for Your Kitchen/Bathroom Appliances

The corner cabinets at the base or bottom of your kitchen make space for the bulkier items. This acts as an excellent space for blenders, toasters, one-pots, cooktops, and so on for kitchens, and hair dryers, hair straighteners, etc. Store them in the corner cabinets to increase the space on your kitchen tabletop or the bathroom top around your washbasins.

Do Not Overfill the Storage Spaces

Please restrain yourself from loading your corner cabinets with all the things that you do not find a place to store in. If you start storing everything behind the closed doors of the glass cabinets, you tend to forget about the products, remember, “out of sight, out of mind?”


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