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Tricks and tips to choose the best resistance bands

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Staying healthy in the modern lifestyle is key to happiness. Daily workouts help everyone to stay healthy. Jogging and many exercises are utilized by everyone to keep their body fit. And a few accessories like the best resistance tube in India are also beneficial for a good workout. The best resistance band in India gives an opposite force on training to make the muscles more healthy. This resistance also helps to burn unwanted calories. The best resistance tube brand in India produces the best quality resistance bands in India. So, it is easy to select one with higher quality and performance.

The selection of the best resistance tube in India depends upon some factors like,


Like many other fitness accessories, the best resistance band in India also come in various types. The selection of the band type depends upon the individual purpose.

  • Therapy band:As the name suggests, the therapy bands use for various rehabilitation purposes. This therapy can include both physical and mental health. This resistance band is usually flat-surfaced and goes gentle on the body. It is suitable for people who recover from accidents. Sometimes it is also advised by doctors to reduce mental stress.
  • Compact bands:These bands can be flat-surfaced or tube type and are suitable for the upper body, lower body, and arms. They usually come with plastic handles on each end to provide added grip. The length of the products varies by brand but is usually around 4 feet in length.
  • Fit loop bands:They are flat-surfaced and forms a complete loop. It is suitable for the lower body, arm, and legs workouts. They are also known as mini bands and are available at various lengths from 4 inches to 2 feet. So the person can choose the right one as per their need.
  • Figure-8 bands:These are tube type bands that connect in a figure 8 shape. This shape with handles on each end forms a perfect training object for arms. The usual length of the band is 20 inches.
  • Ring resistance bands:The ring resistance band has a single short circular loop with two soft handles. They are suitable for lower body and leg exercises.
  • Lateral resistance bands:Lateral resistance bands are using for lower body exercises. They are suitable for hips, thigh workouts. These bands have velcro cuffs on each end, and it is fastening to each angle.
  • Pull up bands:Pull-ups are one of the most common among physical exercises and has various advantages. But, getting started is hard in the case of pullups. First-timers will find it difficult for many weeks of their training. In such a situation, using the pullup band will assist the person. They have a higher length than all other bands and do not have handles.

Colour code

Each colour of the resistance bands represents their resistance level.

  • Red:Red bands have the lowest resistance and thus have the highest stretchiness.
  • Black:These bands give medium resistance and are less stretchy than red bands.
  • Purple:They provides medium to high resistance and are suitable for chest, legs and back workouts.
  • Green:It has higher resistance and is less stretchy.
  • Blue:Blue has the highest resistance level of all bands and is suitable for leg exercises.


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