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Travel Tips To Protect You And Others From COVID-19

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Most people think that we have successfully curtailed the widespread of the coronavirus, but this is far from the truth. COVID-19 is still a pandemic, and although most countries and region are beginning to cut down on the strict lockdown measures, we need to be careful to ensure our safety and that of people around us.

Most countries have eased their travel restriction, but for you to travel, you need to follow the travel guidelines set by local and national authorities such as getting a private COVID test near me before your trip.

These safety tips below should help keep you and your loved ones safe if you decide to travel during the pandemic.

Rethink your travel destination

The number of COVID-19 cases in every country is different, and this affects the situation of things in each country. Although COVID-19 is under control in several countries, other countries are still battling with reducing the number of active cases discovered daily.

If you are making travel plans, you need to check for the situation of COVID-19 in your travel destination. Although the number of new cases reduced, October brought a new wave of active cases in Europe, especially in Italy and France. If you intend to travel to these high-risk areas, it may be best to postpone the trip. Even within a country, some regions are experiencing a high number of new COVID-19 cases.

Wear your gloves and face mask

This is one of the most common COVID-19 safety tips, but some persons doubt that wearing a mask protects anyone from contracting the coronavirus. Wearing a facemask even those made with cloth material reduces your chances of getting infected by over 70%, even when you have someone less than 2m from you without a mask.

For now, most airports do not let people into the facility without a face mask, meaning that the chances of getting the virus at an airport may be low, considering that everyone wears a face mask. You could also ensure your safety by wearing hand gloves, preferably, the biodegradable types because some hand gloves are not eco-friendly. Ensure you change your hand gloves after a few hours to prevent getting infected by accident.

Practice social distancing and washing of hands

If you intend to travel by air, following this safety tip may not be a problem because most airports have strict rules for observing social distancing. If you want to travel by public transportation like a bus, ensure you practice physical distancing by taking a seat next to an empty one.

The national guideline on social distancing advises people to be at least 6ft away from other people, but if this is not attainable in your case, try to keep as much distance as you can between others and yourself. If you are travelling in a car, limit the number of stops, especially at busy gas stations or restaurants except in necessary cases.

Frequently washing the hands using soap and water is a good hygienic practice, but if you cannot get clean water and soap, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser containing at least 60% alcohol.

It is advisable to stay at home because being safe while travelling may not be easy. However, these safety tips should help you stay safe.  If you have to travel, ensure you get your PCR COVID test near me.

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