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Training, Employment, Business for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): A Rewarding Career

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Certified nursing assistant plays a crucial role in the life of a patient and the public by advocating for healthy lifestyles, assist in rehabilitation, and provides assistance and care to their patients. Certified nursing assistants act as an essential communication link between the patients and other medical professionals. CNA job is a noble profession that is in high demand worldwide.

1.   A Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA)

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a medical personnel who assists other medical professionals such as a surgeon, doctor, a licensed practical nurse(LPN) in taking care of their patients.The CNA rolein Patient care includes helping patients maintain their medication schedule, monitoring their health, and educating and advising patients, among others.

2.   How to Become A CNA

To become a certified nursing assistant, you need formal training from a registered CNA Training School. The certified nursing assistant training program involves both theory and practical skills, also a clinical experience program in a nursing facility. The course focuses on developing competency skills such as;

  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Teamwork
  • Care
  • Communication skills

After the Nursing Assistant Course, you should prepare for your certification exam. For preparation and practice, you can enroll in an online test to help you improve your performance.

However, you have to meet specific state certification requirements for you to become a certified assistant nurse. These requirements include;

  • A requirementof a minimum of 75 hours of training in a certified CNA institution or program. However, states have their own minimum hours’ requirements
  • A pass in the CNAexam
  • A report on personal information such as felony convictions, physical and mental status
  • A minimum of 7 hours on AIDS/HIV training.

You can also earn specialized CNA certification after obtaining the mandatory CNA certification.

3.   Employment

After completing your CNA training and obtaining certification, you are ready to search for employment. Prepare your CV capturing the skill you have acquired recently as a CNA. However, after gaining experience, you may develop the desire to start your own business as a certified registered nurse.

4.   Starting A CNA Business

You don’t have to be employed as a CNA forever; you can start your CNA business after gathering enough experience and confidence.

  • If you wish You may decide to start a nursing assistance service center or build a care home. However, instead of creating a care home immediately, you can begin slow by registering an agency.
  • Then you will need to make a business plan to help you work out your journey and describe your objectives.
  • It’s important to note that running a business will require other professionals and different skills from yours. Hence, get some people to help you achieve your dreams. With various skills in place, you will take up different challenges, increase your income, and build a name.
  • After establishing your business and a team with specific goals and objectives, start advertising your business using various platforms such as social media, referrals, recommendations, and other online platforms.
  • Starting your own business can be cumbersome, but if you follow up step by step, you will surmount the challenges and enjoy the benefits of being your boss.


CNA profession is noble. Whether you are working in a health facility, a house-to-house community service, home care, or service care for the elderly, you provide an essential link between the patients and other health professionals. On the other end, the rewards are fulfilling as gratitude, joy, or monetary. If you are the kind of person who can be compassionate to the sick and at the same time provide care for a great reward, then the CNA course is for you.


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