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Traditional Yet Trendy Kaftan For Your Wedding

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Wedding Kaftans are a traditional form of Indian bridal attire. The traditional type is a long, sleeved kaftans. It is designed to cover the groom and bride’s torso and usually comes in a traditional Aaya style, with a Moroccan Kaftan Dresses. The word “kaftan” literally means “a robe”, but the form of the garment indicates that it is also a gown. This traditional wedding wear has been worn since the time of the Mughal and British Rajasthani empires


The kaftan used in a wedding ceremony is specially made and is rarely rented or purchased or buy Online kaftan. It can either be handmade by a village craft worker or purchased from a shop. There are many types of wedding kaftans in the market today. Some are beautifully embroidered, while others have intricate details. However, there are three main types of Indian wedding kaftans:

This kind of Online Kaftans is similar to its western counterpart. The main difference is that it does not have sleeves. It is mostly worn as a bridal wear during the ceremonies of the wedding, along with the choli (traditional Indian saree), sari (stomach comfortable clothes) or salwar kameez (formal pants). Traditionally, this type of tartan is worn by the bride and the groom side-by-side in front of a quran.

This is the most popular type of wedding

This dress is traditionally made of silks or charmeuse fabrics. The Indian wedding day wear is mostly in white color. However, for the upcoming wedding season, more vibrant colors are being introduced into the Wedding Designer Kaftans trend.

Another type of Indian wedding tartan is made of pure silk. The kaftan is the one that is commonly worn during the ceremony. It is also one of the traditional wears of brides. Traditional brides prefer to wear this kind of rattan, which makes it easier for them to wear it on their own wedding day. However, the traditional kaftan comes with sleeves; therefore, some people choose to wear their tartan sleeveless, to cut down the length of their wedding wear.

Both the traditional

And contemporary designs of Indian wedding tartans are available in different colors and patterns. These kaftans are often decorated with sequins and other jewelries. As per the theme and color of your wedding, you can select any style of kaftan. Some people love the elegant look of a long flowing gown while some love the cute kaftan style, which goes very well with a wedding theme. If you are planning to go for an exotic theme like sandal or pearl, then an embellished bridal Kaftan is the perfect choice.

As wedding kaftans are generally big, you can find many different styles and sizes in them. You can choose a simple designer kaftan dresses, if you don’t want much embellishment on it. However, if you are planning to wear a heavily embellished wedding Kaftans, then it would be wise to make a few alterations in the design, so that it suits the entire theme of your wedding.

When choosing a wedding Kaftan

It is important to consider its quality and durability. You should not compromise on the quality of the wedding Kaftan, just because you have to pay a little extra price. If you are planning to wear the wedding Kaftan on your wedding day, then you must choose a perfect design and color. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can get a designer wedding Kaftan, which will make your day special and memorable.

You can easily find a wide variety of designs online. There are also many online stores where you can buy and customize wedding outfits. You can order the designs and then get them tailor made according to your requirements. You can also order the designs online, and then get them shipped right at your doorstep.

The fabric of the wedding Kaftan is also very important.

It should be something, which can be easily washed. The silk wedding Kaftan will remain dry even after many days of wearing. You can also have any printed fabric, like embroidered, printed, or monogrammed. All these add to the elegance and the freshness of the outfit on your wedding day.

You can also select the best quality of material for the Kaftan. It is always better to go for the ones, which are heavy in weight. So that they do not become very hot on your body on the wedding day. These can also be made into different designs and shades. You can also have the kaftan customized to suit your taste. So just get online and find out the best design and style of the wedding Kaftan for your wedding.

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