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Traditional Shlwar Kameez styles that will make you look Classy

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Shalwar kameez (also salwar kameez and, in some regions, shalwar qameez) is a traditional South Asian and Central Asian combination dress worn by women and, in some regions, men. Shalwar kameez is the traditional combination dress for  women. This garment is a combination of three pieces: Shalwar, Kameez and a dupatta which is an optional aspect of this apparel. Shalwars are basically bottoms that have a pleated flare to them with narrow bottom. However, there are numerous variations of shalwars and pants available now as fasion business has advanced.


Traditional Shalwar, a wide-waist trousers

Shalwars are wide-waisted trousers with a cuffed bottom. They are held in place around the waist by a drawstring or elastic belt, causing them to pleat.  The trousers might be broad and roomy, or they can be cut fairly thin, on the bias. Shalwars have been traditionally worn in a large range which encompasses Eastern Europe, West Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia.

Traditional long shirt Kameez

The kameez is a long shirt or tunic with open side seams below the waist called (the chaak), allowing the wearer more freedom of movement.The kameez is normally cut straight and flat; older kameez have traditional cuts, while newer kameez feature set-in sleeves inspired by European styles. The kameez might have a European-style collar, a Mandarin collar, or no collar at all; in the latter instance, it resembles a kurta as a women’s clothing. Salwar kurta, salwar suit, and Punjabi suit are all terms for the same thing.

Background and history

The Shalwar Kameez women is thought to have originated during the Mughal Empire, when the costume consisted of a tunic and loose-fitting pants. The Anarkali suit was one of the most popular Shalwar Kameez styles at the time. It was regarded as one of the most sumptuous types of clothing available. A long kurta that spreads out from under the waistline distinguishes the Anarkali outfit.


It contained a lot of intricate embroidered work and was always associated with wealth and majesty. Because of the significant Persian influence, many Mughal courtesans and members of the Royal family wore Anarkali outfits. Shalwar Kameezes can now be found in a variety of styles and forms, owing to this influence. It is the garment that is worn by majority of the women, to casual as well as formal events.

After the entrance of Muslims in the north in the 13th century, the shalwar and kameez were introduced into South Asia: initially worn by Muslim women, their use eventually extended, and they became a regional style, particularly in India, in the ancient Punjab region. Pakistan’s national dress, the shalwar-kameez, is frequently worn.


Here are the most common Salwar Kameez styles.

Dhoti Shalwar Kameez Traditional wear

Dhoti Shalwars are a classic yet fashionable form of Shalwar Kurta. Despite the fact that males tend to wear them more than women, they are nonetheless an intriguing aspect of a woman’s wardrobe. The shalwar has a lot of U-shaped pleats that fold up in the upper direction.


Patiala shlawar kameez

Patiala pants are made in Patiala, Punjab, as the name suggests. They were previously only worn by ladies from royal Punjabi families, but they are now worn by every woman in the country. The pleats in this style of salwar begin at the hip and run all the way down to the sleeves. These are also well paired with women’s kurtis or kurtas.

Traditional Palazzo Style

This style of salwar kurta is now popular. This is a beautiful example of Indo-western style that is also very comfy to wear. These salwars are extremely loose and keep parallel to your leg frame. These look well with a variety of outfits for ladies, including kurtas, kurtis, t-shirts, crop tops, and more.

Traditional Palazzo

As shown above, there are multiple styles of shlwar kameez worn by women. Wandering where to get best articles in UK? Asian clothes are in a great collection available in UK. Women’s most favourite clothing store is Libas e Jamila, a unique store which provides you a great variety of casual, party and traditional wear.  Asian ladies wear shalwar kameez, a classic combo garment. This outfit is made up of three pieces: a shalwar, a kameez, and a dupatta, which is an optional feature.

Shalwars are loose-fitting bottoms with a pleated flare and a thin bottom. As the fashion industry has progressed, there are now several variations of shalwars and pants available. Libas e Jamila provides the most up-to-date and one-of-a-kind shalwar kameez women’s designs for you, with vibrant colors and high-quality fabrics like as crape and Georgette. With so many selections, this store is a one-stop shop for women of all ages. The main goal at Libas e Jamila is to make ladies feel at ease, confident, and stylish by allowing them to select their favourite wardrobe from various collections.

Traditional Shalwar Kameez’s Beautiful Look

Because of its unique styles and vibrant appearance, Indian ethnic clothing is extremely popular around the world. We will find two different forms of ethnic dress in all cultures: sarees and shalwar suits. However, when it comes to clothing that is ideal for Indian temperature, the Indian shalwar kameez is the most comfortable alternative.

Different Ways to Style Your Shalwar and Kameez

You may use the mix and match choices to get a different look from your ethnic outfit whenever you desire. Wear your shalwar with a different top (Western or Indian) or your kameez with a different pair of pants. Shalwars come in a variety of styles and can be worn with a variety of kurtis, including long, short, and flowing kurtis as well as western tops.

Just remember not to overdo your look because it will take away from the attractiveness of the original shalwar suits. You can choose matching jewellery (such as bangles, necklaces, and earrings) in golden, silver, and artificial material, a handbag with matching work, and sleek footwear to complete your shalwar suit ethnic costume and enjoy its perfection on both formal and casual occasions.

Look glamorous always! Wear beautiful shalwar kmeez styles and rock!


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