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Tracking Attendance: Martial Arts School Management Software

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The method Martial Arts School Management Software of taking daily attendance and tracking it has evolved significantly in the past decade. With the advent, check-in with membership cards and codes has become a regular practice. But these have aided significantly less in the ease of tracking attendance. With such a system, you still need to input physical effort to count and establish the attendance reports of all students. 

Seems a tough task? 

Yes, it is! But don’t worry because On Mat is here. 

This Martial Arts School Management Software has removed the hassle of taking and tracking manual attendance of students and instructors with a highly precise and online process. 

Tracking attendance with martial arts studio management software

OnMat by JIBASoft is online software for martial arts studio management and administration. It provides an integrated solution for all management, clerical and administrative tasks, including taking attendance, tracking attendance, billing, fee collection, late payment intimation, registration, online training & distance learning, belt tracking, and skill management. 

Every day, student check-ins are logged in software which. They can later use to review both students’ and instructors’ performance and attentiveness. The attendance data can be accesse with ease by both parents and instructors both. This data comprehends in reviewing the individual profile for promotion, skill management, belt management and so forth. 

Along with the ease of attendance tracking, attendance reporting is also an essential parameter. And if the reporting is difficult to understand and does not interestingly show data. The whole effort of having software gets diminished. That’s why team JIBASoft puts impeccable efforts into making their martial arts studio software user-friendly and easy to access. 

Reasons to track attendance at regular intervals

  • Helps track students’ performance

Tracking a student’s progress in a class of more than 20 students is difficult. Generally, a class is a mix of differently performing students where some par the excellence level whereas some fall in crack even with impeccable guidance. 

Therefore, the instructor should have an aptly designed system to track students’ progress, given that every martial arts form demands different progress-tracking parameters. In BJJ and Judo, students’ performance is tracked based on their performance on Mat. Whereas for other martial arts forms, consider the time for which students are traine is the indicator of overall progress. 

Therefore, regardless of which martial arts form requires what parameters of progress tracking, OnMat has everything. It provides a brief database analysis comprising the number of classes attended by individual students, the number of hours spent practising the belt, and so on. 

  • Identifies students who are facing a hard time

The detaile analysis of attendance tracking also helps instructors know which member is not attending classes or has not been attending since the registration was done. 

In the long run, such detailed analysis will help instructors get a hold of worsening students. Behaviour and take necessary action to motivate them to attend the classes. The reason behind non-attendance could be any, including financial issues, personal reasons, injuries, lost interest in sports, etc.; The instructor can talk to the individual student and motivate them to give it a chance. 

A healthy and motivational talk with the instructor will help students break the traps built due to multiple peers and start attending classes for good. But this will only happen if the instructors will have good attendance tracking software in their hands. 

  • Gives insights into instructors’ punctuality

Besides insights into students’ presence and absence, instructors’ presence and absence also matter. The data helps you understand the instructors’ behaviour for the betterment of your institute and its performance. 

Suppose the instructors of your academy need to take regular classes and leave most of the classes unattended. In that case, this behaviour could harm your academy’s image and force parents to take out their children to enrol them in any other academy. 

Moreover, the instructors’ attendance data will also help you optimize the staff schedule and run a sustainable business. 

It’s always possible to subscribe the software like OnMat.

There could be many reasons why you could get start with online attendance tracking when you start your business. However, there is no such reason that you cannot start it right now.

In this process, you will need minor adjustments and a will to do it. Team JIBASoft is there to help you will all the technicalities. So, when you are ready to bring in the change, write to us on our official website. 

The team is ever ready to deal with all your queries and concerns at the same time!


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