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Toyota Corolla Side Mirror Replacement Cost

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In contrast to many car repairs, changing your aspect replicate is something you may effortlessly do at domestic. You do not want a lift or specialized tools. Whilst doing it yourself commonly costs less than hiring an expert, it isn’t always the case in terms of changing an aspect mirror. This mission doesn’t include a fixed rate due to the fact there are numerous elements concerned. Toyota Corolla Side Mirror Replacement Cost the main charges are the substitute replicate and hard work.

This newsletter will assist you to put together a price estimate for changing your Toyota’s side mirror. Then you can determine whether or not to lease an expert or do it yourself.

The Cost Of An OEM Replacement Mirror

First, find out how a whole lot of your automobile’s OEM replacement mirror will value. Some facet mirrors will fee much less than others due to the fact the meeting is much less complicated. To get an idea of the charge variety, check out a few exceptional-promoting Toyota aspect mirrors:

  • 2007-2018 Tundra (part No. 87910-0C221 or 87940-0C221)
  • 2016-2017 Tacoma (element No. 87910-04240)
  • 1995-1997 Land Cruiser (part No. 87940-60130-08)
  • 2012 RAV4 (element No. 87908-0R010)
  • 2007-2011 Camry (part No. 87940-33630-B1)

The prices for the mirrors indexed above vary from $one hundred fifteen to nearly $300. Locating out the price of your facet replicate alternative is straightforward. Just do a search to your car’s 12 months and model right here.

Should A Body Shop Or Dealership Replace Your Side Mirror?

Depending on the complexity of the restore procedure, it can take one to two hours for a skilled technician to update the mirror. Now and again the interior door panel needs to be eliminated, and now and again it does not. This reasons a little variation in repair time. Additionally, understand that maximum dealers mark up the expenses of their elements.

The common frame keep/dealership hard work price is ready $100/hour. The common parts markup is ready at 30%. Using the one’s figures, you’ll be able to calculate the approximate fee to have a body store or dealer replace your facet replicate with this formula

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Replacing Your Side Mirror At Home

Going the DIY path almost always charges less. Until it slow is well worth more than $a hundred/in step with hour, you’ll save cash on exertions. You also gained’t have to pay a marked-up rate on an aftermarket alternative mirror in case you order from an authorized online reseller.

It’ll probably take you longer to do the process than it’d a provider technician. We recommend overestimating the quantity of time it would take for you to finish the task. If you’re a newbie, two to three hours might be a very good estimation. When you have some enjoyment in repairing autos, we’d knock that estimation down to one to 2 hours.

This formulation should help you reach a correct price estimation of changing the aspect mirror yourself. 

Why do Toyota Corolla side mirrors need to be replaced?

To your Toyota Corolla, the side mirrors are built with a replicate glass and an adjustable housing, commonly with an electric-powered adjustment motor inside.

It’s viable that the reflect glass ought to detach and fall off, the power mirror adjustment motor may want to fail, or the aspect replicate may be smashed off by means of an unobservant motorist or with the aid of vandalism.

Side mirror alternative on a Toyota Corolla is a fantastically short manner but a vital one, commonly starting from $2 hundred to $450 or extra in substitute price.

Facet mirrors that paintings well will assist you to keep away from a risky and high-priced collision, meaning the aspect reflect substitute must be addressed sooner rather than later.

Broken side mirror: What is the repair options and cost?

You return out of the store and find the aspect mirror in your vehicle is broken. This unlucky scenario is acquainted with many. We need facet mirrors for secure use; what are the repair alternatives and fees? The primary question is which component is damaged? The aspect mirror includes numerous parts: facet reflects parts. The base (replicate assembly), replicate glass, cover, and the flip signal (if ready). For positive vehicles, the component is probably to be had best as one complete piece. In some instances the quilt is sold already painted, in others, it comes black and can want to be painted one after the other.

The fastest manner to get the maintenance executed is to go to your dealership. Of course, it is a good idea to order elements beforehand of time because it’s not going the supplier will have the facet replicate in inventory. Many humans surely visit the dealership, so the components marketing consultant can see the harm and order required parts, as well as installation the service appointment. In maximum cases, you will likely be able to get it carried out the day after today. 

The glass would possibly need to get replaced although it appears good enough due to the fact clips that maintain the glass wreck effortlessly. Changing the complete facet replicate at the dealership will fee $290-$420 for an average automobile.


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