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Tovala smart oven – a next-generation experience

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Mornings are for energizing yourself, but how it feels like when you wake up with the pressure of cooking? Terrible. With the running pace of life, we tend to forget about our meals just because cooking consumes a lot of time. Especially those who struggle over cooking face new challenges every day to come up with different dishes in a short period of time.

But do you know with the smart oven you can prepare your meal in a matter of seconds? Don’t you believe it? Keep reading further as we have shared a sure-shot alternative to your shortcomings. 

Instead of ordering your food from various food delivery apps, get yourself a Tovala smart oven and make your life easier.  

Purchase guide of a new oven 

  • It is an age-old question; do you buy low price appliance and after some time, struggle with that? It is always better to invest a little more and get yourself a long-lasting electrical product than to pay repair charges afterwards. 
  • Always look for the updated version of the oven with hi-tech features and capabilities like, telescopic rails, self-cleaning and steam cooking, etc.
  • Consider your countertop size while buying an oven so that you can place it perfectly in your kitchen without any displacements.  

Why Tovala

Tovala is a meal service brand, combined with a smart WIFI steam oven. It is designed for extremely busy people, who love to have great food but cannot cook It by themselves. The basic idea behind the invention is to maintain the balance between ‘quality meals and convenience.’ Through this appliance, you can prepare your meals by scanning or manually selecting the instructions.   

Cooking Process

The process is very simple; through the following guide, you can understand the basic working of the Tovola. 

– Download the tovala app and register yourself.

– Personalize the app according to your health concerns and food preferences. 

– According to your health and requirements, the chef will send prepped food for you. From a wide range of dishes, you can also order your meal at your doorstep. 

– Tovola QR barcode scanner will scan your meal and cooking instructions (time, temperature, and method) from the cloud and prepare them for you. 

– Afterwards, you will get a push notification on your phone telling you ‘The food is ready to eat’.


Due to its new-age technology, people are getting attracted to smart work rather than hard work. Bellow, we have enlisted few benefits of having a smart oven in your kitchen. 

  • No need to pre-heat 

There is no need to set your oven to pre-heat before cooking, and you can directly cook your meal by placing it inside as it allows you to program the oven cycle, which provides finer control over the steam.

  • Switch to multitasking

If you require, you can switch the total smart oven automatically to multiple cooking modes and temperatures to prepare your food perfectly. 

  • Re-cyclable packaging

Tovala’s packaging is as impressive as the smart oven. You can 100% re-cycle the packing that comes with prepped food. They use the aluminum tray and plastic film to cover your food to keep it fresh. 

  • 100-day trial & return

The oven comes with a 2-year warranty and 100 days trial and returns policy. So, if you dint like the product, you can return it and get a refund, even if you have used it a couple of times. Subscription is as per your convenience, and you can pause, skip, start, cancel your subscription anytime. 

  • Works over WIFI and smartphone

To set up the oven, you must have WIFI and a smartphone. The smart oven is only parable with the 2.4 GHz network (it’s part of standard WIFI package). 


Achieving healthy life for a working professional is difficult but not impossible. In recent years, technology has moved on to a higher level. Even traditional cooking has taken a turn to smart cooking. We recommend you consider new-age technology with the tovala smart oven. It is also a good initiative to serve delicious food with less amount of wastage.  


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