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Tourism Up North Causing Toxicity

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If you have visited northern areas in Pakistan in recent months, you may have come across random littering in the beautiful mountains. Which brings us to the question: should everyone be allowed to visit the northern areas? Everyone knows that tourism, local or foreign, has contributed significantly to the development of these mountainous regions. Many businesses, including luxurious hotels, cafes, and restaurants, have opened all around the region. That, along with tourism, has given a significant boost to the economy, which contributed to such development.  However, many fail to notice the environmental damage this beautiful region had to go through because of the same tourists.

Rosie Gabrielle Raised Fair Points

Rosie Gabrielle, a social media blogger, posted on Instagram about her dissatisfaction with some of the local tourists. She stated that the city tourists are destroying the culture of Hunza by bringing their toxic habits to innocent communities. Many tourists from the city hosted a rave party in the mountains spreading toxicity and littering the clean valley. The vlogger didn’t waste her time before calling out those locals for demolishing the beautiful land and bringing destructive behaviors. She insisted that the north is pure and we should treat it that way, and if we can’t, we should stay at home. She also pointed out that northern tourism will be left to nothing if we continue to treat it this way.   

Rosie encourages people to use the northern areas as a positive space that brings smiles and creates unforgettable memories. She asks us to create workshops, make music, bring skills, and show love in the northern region rather than spreading vulgarity with rave parties. Since this is making the people of Hunza lose their traditional values, local cultures, and beautiful land. These small communities need our love and support so that they can flourish, and instead of doing that, all of the tourists are playing a part in destroying it.

People visit these places to find peace and solitude from real life. If we fail to respect the places there will be nothing left for us to visit. The best way to heal yourself in nature is to nurture yourself and giving back to the communities you visit.

Corona Has Resulted In An Influx In Northern Tourism

Corona has caused restrictions on international travel. Even with the changing travel policies and lesser restrictions, people are still avoiding traveling abroad and instead are focusing on traveling locally.

The northern region has been a hot spot for local and foreign tourists alike. The scenic beauty of this region is nothing short of a haven for tourists with its beautiful mountains, glistening lakes, and green landscapes. However, with the pandemic boosting local tourism, people have been taking undue advantage of the place. Most local tourists don’t think twice before dumping their trash in the stunning lakes or on the side of the mountain road, damaging the environment of such a pure place.

It is worth mentioning that increased tourism is responsible for boosting the region’s economy. Creating jobs, improving infrastructure, and spreading cultural awareness among locals and tourists.  While all of that is important, the negative ramifications outweigh them. Many problems arise due to the influx of tourists, and little to no attention is being paid to such problems. The irresponsible behavior of the tourists is degrading the heavenly regions, and if it continues. It is possible that nothing heavenly will be left behind in the near future.

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