Top YouTube Tips and Tricks for Beginners

YouTube Tips: It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know YouTube videos. The famous Youtube desktop site is present in the lives of many people and familiarizing yourself with how it works is not a very complicated task. However, there are ways to improve your experience on the site. There is no Youtube to mp3 tool built-in the Youtube. There are many Youtube to mp3 tools available by third parties.

The first tip is to create your own open Youtube channel. Even if you don’t intend to become a famous Youtuber or even upload any Youtube music videos or Youtube movies to the platform. You don’t need to think about, “how can I open my Youtube channel”. Know that there are interesting advantages to using the service logged with your account. To start, you can say whether you liked a video or not, leave comments about it, and create playlists with your favorite clips, among other things.

Here are some more tips on how to get the most out of your Youtube desktop.

Top YouTube Tips: Organize your favorite videos

After creating your YouTube account and logging in to the site, you can start using the service to add Youtube music videos and Youtube movies to your favorites list or compile videos in playlists – a great way to create compilations of video clips from your favorite bands, for example.

To do this, navigate to the Youtube videos and click the “Add to” button, which is just below the video. Then choose from the menu that will open the location where you want to save the link. You can choose between playlists created automatically by YouTube or create custom playlists according to your preferences (Music, Vlogs, Technology, among others).

Top YouTube Tips: Share

When you open a Youtube account, YouTube offers several video-sharing options for you to send your favorite content to others. You can also share videos on many social media platforms.

It is also possible to embed the code of a video on your website or simply send the content by email. All of these options appear at the bottom of the video, just below the channel name. Click “Share” to see all available forms of sharing.

Monitor the performance of your videos

If you choose to upload videos for public viewing, you may want to know how it is doing and what type of person is watching your content.

YouTube has a tool called Analytics that allows you to monitor your specific Youtube channel and Youtube videos using up-to-date metrics and reports. Among the data available in each report, there is information such as the number of views, traffic sources, and demographic information, among others.

Make registrations

A good tip for improving your YouTube experience is to sign up and create a Youtube. They allow you to follow the content you are interested in and receive updates whenever a particular channel posts a new video. This can be great to follow all the news from the bands that you like the most, or else all the news from your favorite source, for example.

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