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Top Wholesale Hair Vendors Distributors: Secrets to Become a Hair Seller!!!

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If you are currently doing business in the resell wholesale hair vendor field, you must know that customers play an important role. If you have no customers, who will give you the revenue, right? But the point is, not all resell wholesale hair vendor sellers know their customers well. They have the difficulties in pointing out the customers behavior, customer care and all the things needed to attract customers. Also, after defining the customers, mastering where and how to import sources of goods is extremely essential. And if you are still wondering, then this sharing of top 1 Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor will give you all satisfying answers about customers and distributors-related questions!

Picture 1. All the wonders of wholesale hair vendors (Alt: All-the-wonders-of-wholesale-hair-vendors)

1. Being a resell wholesale hair vendor, you need to define clearly who can be your customers

Talking about customers of a resell wholesale hair vendor, you may immediately think of people who simply want to buy your products, right? But the question is, who exactly are they? Such a simple question, but if you don’t answer it right and thoroughly, it is likely that you can miss a number of potential customers without even noticing that! So, as an experienced wholesale hair factory in the hair business, we will right now share with you all the possible customers you can approach as a resell wholesale hair distributor. 


Picture 2. Define all potential customers of a resell wholesale hair vendor

(Alt: Define-all-potential-customers-of-a-resell-wholesale-hair-vendor)

And in case you are quite confused when seeing that we are using 2 different terms “resell wholesale hair vendor” and “wholesale hair factory”, check out the first item of this post to make sure there is no more misunderstanding and know that our sharing today is a bit more remarkable for resell wholesale hair vendors: Resell wholesale hair vendors vs. wholesale hair vendor factories

1.1. A variety source of customers not all resell wholesale hair vendor distributors know

We all know that resell wholesale hair vendors mainly aim at selling hair extensions as much as possible for customers. But, who are the customers? We need to name them to have a clear business mindset and plan. Many start up resell wholesale hair vendor suppliers will think of their customers as a very common group: retailers (retail hair extensions stores) – who buy their hair extensions and then resell in small quantities. It is right, but not enough! Actually a resell wholesale hair vendor can not only make deals with retailers but also with many other business entities such as other wholesalers, other users demanding a big quantity like salon owners and hair stylists, or even end users buying in quantities, etc. Don’t worry or feel overwhelmed as all kinds of customers will be analyzed clearly throughout the post.


Picture 3. Combination of possible customers for a resell wholesale hair vendor

(Alt: Combination-of-customers-for-a-resell-wholesale-hair-vendor)

1.2. How can resell wholesale hair vendors find customers nearby?

“How to find such a variety of customer sources?” This is a frequently asked question of all resell wholesale hair vendors. Actually, it is not as difficult as many may think. There are two main tools that you can use to define all the potential customers; they are the internet and the relationships in daily life.

How can you utilize the internet to search for customers?

  • First, go to Google and search for suitable keywords. You can base on many kinds of customers to have different keywords. The most effective ones are those short and direct, such as: “hair extensions retailers near me”, “big hair salons in + your place”, “wholesale hair vendors in…”, etc. By doing this, you will get the answer to the question “Where are my customers?”
  • Second, don’t forget to make use of all other possible online channels. Please pay some visit and make different searches on social media like Instagram, about hair websites, fan pages, sharing groups and community on Facebook. Each day there are tons of people getting there to ask and share about hair issues, so it is not difficult to investigate your potential customers!

Picture 4. Utilize online channels for resell wholesale hair vendors

(Alt: Utilize-online-channels-for-resell-wholesale-hair-vendors)

What can you get from your daily relationship?

It is apparent that when you start or carry out your own business as a resell wholesale hair vendor/supplier, support from acquaintances is of importance. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or introduction. Life is all about give and take, so just make sure you deserve all the help. You can never know beforehand that one person can help you connect with a big business partner or what.

2. Analyze two main customers groups of a resell wholesale hair vendor

As mentioned above, there are plenty of customers that are potential for your resell wholesale hair business, so how to classify them to avoid chaos and still be able to get to know them clearly? The first way we want to introduce is to categorize them in terms of two major groups. 


Picture 5. 2 customer groups of resell wholesale hair vendors

(Alt: 2-customer-groups-of-resell-wholesale-hair-vendors)

2.1. Local salons and hair stores – who buy your hair extensions in quantities

One of the most common customer groups is the one that buys hair extensions from resell wholesale hair vendor suppliers to use in their own business. They are usually local hair salons, hair stores and other smaller hair retailers. So, what are their characteristics and how to meet their demands?

Local salons and hair stores are:

  • Those with a small scale business and a small budget
  • Disconnected from wholesale hair vendor factories
  • Those sometimes use hair extensions to make wig for a better profit

You should:

  • Offer a variety of salable hair extensions at reasonable price
  • Offer discounts for big orders
  • Give useful advice on the hair business

Picture 6. Local salons and hair stores customers of resell wholesale hair vendors

(Alt: Local-salons-and-hair-stores-customers-of-resell-wholesale-hair-vendors)

2.2. Buy-for-use customers – main consumers of a resell wholesale hair vendor seller

It is reported that 80% of customers of a resell wholesale hair vendor are those who buy hair extensions for personal use. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you pay much attention to this group and take care of them carefully. 

Who are buy-for-use customers?

Buy-for-use customers are those who often buy 3 bundles and 1 closure at once. This quantity is enough to create for themselves a full head wig. As buying for personal use, they usually especially appreciate high-quality hair extensions, including the material of hair as well as the life-span. What’s more, they often have a lower budget, so they aim at the most economical transactions with the cheapest added fees. 

What should you offer?

Firstly, giving a variety of choices is of the most importance. Buy-for-use customers can also be classified into smaller categories as they have different backgrounds, budgets and purposes (for long-term or short-term use). In addition, offering trending and non-outdated models is a good choice. And also offering advice on the technique to customize and take care of hair is necessary as they are of their top concerns.


Picture 7. Buy-for-use customers of resell wholesale hair vendors

(Alt: Buy-for-use-customers-of-resell-wholesale-hair-vendors)

As mentioned above, you as a resell wholesale hair vendor need to have profound knowledge as well as have a wise choice of what to sell. Especially, buy-for-use customers tend to come up with the idea of buying hair extensions whenever they feel interested. So, the most effective way to attract them is to make your sources of goods super trending or having a long-term value (non-outdated). To do so, it is highly recommended that you actively follow celebrities and KOLs to update knowledge day by day. Here is our suggestion that you can consult: Best Female Hairstylists To Follow For Hair Trends 2021

Analyze resell wholesale hair vendors’ customers according to top 2 considerable geographical distributions

Another way to classify your customers is to base on your location as well as your customers’ geographical distributions. Thereby, you can have a suitable choice on target market and focused products for your resell wholesale hair business. We want to give you the information of 2 most considerable markets: Africa and the US UK.

3.1. African customers of resell wholesale hair vendor suppliers

African customers can be said to be a great source of beneficial hair extensions consumers. Knowing their characteristics will help you a lot in your resell wholesale hair vendor business. The very basic information you should pay attention is:

  • African customers are often adorable ones who don’t mind much about minor misunderstandings. 
  • They may turn aggressive sometimes but don’t worry, it is solvable.
  • They specially prefer non-outdated hair extensions at reasonable prices, especially wig, weft, closure and frontal hair extensions.
  • They super appreciate customer care services.

Knowing those things, you’d better create a detailed plan to satisfy your customers!


Picture 8. African customers of resell wholesale hair vendor suppliers

(Alt: African-customers-of-resell-wholesale-hair-vendor)

3.2. UK-US customers of resell wholesale hair vendor distributors

UK and UScustomers are also a great tape of potential customers. US or UK in general indicates markets in America and Europe. Your resell wholesale hair vendor business will develop a lot if you can understand and satisfy this group of cool customers. So, what is to bear in mind? 

  • American and European customers are usually super polite and elegant, so try to be the same!
  • specially appreciate high-quality products, so try your best to become one of the top best wholesale hair vendor suppliers, especially suppliers of virgin, Remy, raw, tip in and tape in hair extensions.
  • They are also quite generous, as long as you satisfy them with the hair quality!
  • They demand professional customer care.

Knowing these, you have an initial plan of what to sell and how to deal with them in your mind, right? Also, try to collect more experiences from your realistic sales, as they are the most valuable and practical ones. 


Picture 9. US UK customers of resell wholesale hair vendor distributors

(Alt: US-UK-customers-of-resell wholesale-hair-vendor-distributors)

After all, getting to know your customers well is of great importance. You can gather that information to decide on your target market, your combination of potential customers or to build a detailed plan to improve your current customer care system or so on. Just remember to collect and make use of all the necessary information!

4.2 How does a resell wholesale hair vendor attract and hold tight to customers?

Once you are confident that you grasped all characteristics of your customers, your next mission is to apply those theories in your real wholesale hair vendor business. You will need to pay attention to the whole process of building such relationships with your customers. And here are our suggested solutions that you can consult.


Picture 10. 3 important tasks for a resell wholesale hair vendor

(Alt: 3-important-tasks-for-a-resell-wholesale-hair-vendor)

4.1. Build a suitable marketing plan to attract the right group of customers

To build a relationship, you need to create the very beginning transaction first. So, how to make your customers know of you and give you the chance to create an amazing first impression? The key answer lies in your marketing strategies!  According to each group of customers, you will have to choose different ways of marketing. If you still get confused, you can try to answer these questions to have the very general orientation for your resell wholesale hair vendor business:

  • Which means of media are popular among my customers? This question will help you decide where to boost your advertisements and product promotions. For example, if Facebook is popular in your groups of customers’ countries, then no hesitate to advertise your hair extensions there. 
  • Which content do my customers care about the most? Your customers are mainly who? Then what attracts them: knowledge about hair, taking care of hair information or hair business experiences shared by top wholesale hair vendors, etc? Remember to promote your business in terms of that attractive content, as no one will spend time for such an uninterested advertisement!
  • Which means of transmission do my customers prefer? They often watch videos, read reviews, read sharing posts on forums or watch advertisements on TV?

Finding out all the answers will help you have a clear direction for your marketing strategies.


Picture 11. Questions for a resell wholesale hair vendor to answer

(Alt: Questions-for-a-resell-wholesale-hair-vendor-to-answer)

4.2. Being a prestigious and tactful resell wholesale hair vendor to build long term relationships with your customers

Remember that no matter who your customers are, they all have the same mindset to care most about the price and the quality. Therefore, try to be a prestigious and tactful resell wholesale hair vendor to build long term relationships with your customers.

4.2.1. Always be a prestigious resell wholesale hair vendor

To make sure that your customers think of you as a top best reliable resell wholesale hair vendor supplier, always ensure the best of:

  • Quality of hair extensions
  • Deadline commitment
  • Policy of shipment, return and payment
  • After transaction guarantee

Picture 12. Be a prestigious resell wholesale hair vendor

(Alt: Be-a-prestigious-resell-wholesale-hair-vendor)

4.2.2. Pay attention to customers care services

There are many things you have to do before, during and after transactions to retain your customers.

  • Before the transaction: It is of importance that you as a resell wholesale hair vendor show your true enthusiasm in giving advice to your customers. This pretty much influences your customers’ decision to buy your hair or not.
  • During the process of making a deal: Always give your customers faithful advice, offer engaging deals like discounts or bonus. Also, give them useful suggestions on hair care, hair preservation, etc.
  • After the transaction: Many ignore this essential step; however, this greatly influences customers’ decision whether to turn to your resell wholesale hair vendor business for their next transaction or not. So, remember to remain in contact to check the guarantee and answer any of their wonders.

Picture 13. Customer care of resell wholesale hair vendors

(Alt: Customer-care-of-resell-wholesale-hair-vendors)

In short, always remember to raise trust and love from your customers. You know that customers have a variety of choices, so it is your turn to make them choose you!

4.3. Choose for your resell wholesale hair vendor business the right distributors/factories

Again, no matter who your customers are, they all have the same mindset to care most about the price and the quality. Hence, choosing a reliable wholesale hair vendor distributor is of importance. You have to make sure to deal with a top best hair supplier to ensure your possible profit as well as prestige.

4.3.1. Why wholesale hair vendors factories is a better choice than local resell wholesale hair sellers to import your sources?

There are 2 sources of suppliers that you can choose to import hair extensions. They are wholesale hair vendor factories and local wholesalers. There are many reasons that make factories become a more prominent choice! You can consult the following list:

  • Factories are producers of hair extensions while local resellers are just intermediaries. Therefore, factories can commit a much lower price
  • Factories are the original wholesale hair vendor suppliers, so they can commit exact due dates for your orders, which helps you become more active in your sales.
  • Factories are more reliable suppliers that can give you guarantee of quality, payment and shipment policy. Whereas resellers’ business is not big enough to give you as many preferential treatments.
  • Factories are also systematic businesses with a much more professional customer care system, so they can give you faithful and timely advice.

Picture 14. Why wholesale hair vendors factories are better to import hair

(Alt: Why-wholesale-hair-vendors-factories-are-better-to-import-hair)

4.3.2. Why are Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors factories the top best suppliers for sellers all over the world?

Knowing why factories are a outweighed choice, now the point is to decide which factory deserves your trust? One of the top best wholesale hair vendor factories we recommend is Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors, unbiased! Vietnamese hair wholesalers are always famous for high quality and reasonable prices. 

For a concrete analysis, you can read our previous post here: Best Wholesale Hair Vendor: Top List Of Best Wholesale Hair Vendors Distributors


Picture 15. Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors factories K-Hair

(Alt: Vietnamese-wholesale-hair-vendors-factories)

4.3.3. K-Hair – Top 1 Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor factories 

And if you are already concerned about Vietnamese hair suppliers, then a worthwhile choice is K-Hair Vietnamese wholesale hair factory, which is the biggest hair factory supplier in Vietnam and has been the prestigious wholesale hair vendor distributor of a wide range of customers for years! 


Picture 16. K-Hair wholesale hair vendor factory

(Alt: K-Hair-wholesale-hair-vendor-factory)

To give you a basic initial view of K-Hair, now we will give you answers to the most frequent concerns about the K-Hair wholesale hair vendor factory. They are: What does K-Hair produce and what preferential treatments does K-Hair offer?

What does K-Hair wholesale hair factory produce?

  • A variety of hair extensions made of 100% virgin hair
  • Popular hair extensions styles: weft hair, curly wavy, color, tip/tape closure, frontal, 360 wig, full lace wig, HD lace

Picture 17. K-Hair wholesale hair vendor factory hair extensions

(Alt: K-Hair-wholesale-hair-vendor-factory-hair-extensions)

What preferential treatments does K-Hair wholesale hair vendor factory offer?

  • Devoted advice no matter whether you decide to buy the hair or not
  • Professional customer care: keep in close touch before, during and after transactions
  • Clear policy of payment, shipment and return
  • Supports in checking quality beforehand
  • Big discounts for big orders and loyal customers
  • Discounts for sample orders

You can visit the official website to find more useful information here: K-Hair official (do follow link)


  • Website: K-hair Factory: #1 Virgin Human Hair For You! | K-Hair
  • Instagram: the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84 85 558 8000 (Dealing wholesale with best deal)

Picture 18. K-Hair wholesale hair vendor website

(Alt: K-Hair-wholesale-hair-vendor-website)


Picture 19. K-Hair Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor

(Alt: K-Hair-Vietnamese-wholesale-hair-vendor)

4.3.4. How to import wholesale hair extensions from Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor factories?

Knowing where to import reliable sources of goods to resell is crucial, knowing how to import is even more important! You can follow these 5 steps introduced by K-Hair wholesale hair vendor factory to import hair extensions from Vietnam:

  1. You check out the price and confirm the order 
  2. Suppliers make demo invoice for you to check
  3. You confirm the invoice and make full payment or deposit (bank account/ western/ MoneyGram…)
  4. Suppliers produce hair and update with you when it is done (before shipping your hair, K-Hair company always supply pictures and videos for you to see before shipment)
  5. You confirm satisfaction and pay the remain (if any) to get the hair delivered (UPS/ DHL shipping, agent shipping)

Picture 20. 5 steps to import hair from Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor factories 

(Alt: 5-steps-to-import-hair-from-Vietnamese-wholesale-hair-vendor-factories)

In general, the process of importing hair extensions from wholesale hair vendor factories is quite simple. The point is, you have to pay attention to these following notes to make the transactions safer and smoother:

  • Only chat and confirm orders through reliable means of communication. For K-Hair, all transactions are discussed on Whatsapp. For first transactions, you can deal with our CEO Ms. Cherry on Whatsapp +84 85 558 8000 to get the best support.
  • Make the order clear and detailed. You’d better contain all needed information: HAIRSTYLES – QUALITY GRADE – COLOUR – QUANTITY – LENGTH in your order.

Example: You want to order:

Bone straight – super double drawn – Natural Color – 6 bundles – 20inch….

  • Never hesitate to ask questions. For example, do you know that when you order hair, normally you have to order it together with closures? Normally 3 closures will go together with 1 closure for a full head wig. What’s more, closures are often ordered less than 2 inch compared with hair bundles, etc. Then you need to get advice from your suppliers to avoid any regrets.
  • Make sure that you have a compatible bank account to make a deal. You may deposit money through Bank Account, Western Union or MoneyGram. And also make sure that you agree on their policy of currency exchange. If you are from some specific countries like Nigeria or Ghana, K-Hair has a Nigerian account and Ghana account for you to pay, which makes everything much easier!

Picture 21. Sample order of Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor

(Alt: Sample-order-of-Vietnamese-wholesale-hair-vendor)

Conclusion: all a wholesale hair vendor needs to bear in mind about customers

After all, learning and mastering customer behavior is a long process. You need to carefully do research and apply those theories in your own plans. In short, you need to:

  • Define all the possible sources of customers
  • Analyze customer behaviors in terms of main categories 
  • Apply your analysis in your own plan for specific group of target customers
  • Choose a top wholesale hair vendor as your supplier
  • Master all steps to import hair extensions from factories

Picture 22. All about customers a wholesale hair vendor should pay attention to

(Alt: All-about-customers-a-wholesale-hair-vendor-should-pay-attention-to)


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