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Top Ways You Can Keep Your Carpet Clean

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Spreading the best carpets on the floors does add an appeal to your interior décor. As good as they look on the floor, they do not take much time to get messy with regular footfall. Every person who enters and exits your place brings with him dirt, dust, and grime that gradually settles in the fibers of your carpet. While your cleaning is dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming carpets regularly, it might not be enough to save your carpet from losing its shine and luster.

So, what should be an ideal move here?

We know carpets can cause more trouble than we expect. Day in and day out we see homeowners fighting to keep their carpets clean. Moreover, carpets in high-traffic areas will have a short lifespan because of the footsteps and wear and tear they have to endure. Professional carpet cleaning in Whistler can save your day from messy and lusterless carpets. However, a few things you can try to prevent your carpets from accumulating dirt and grime in the first place.

Let us explore some easy and effective ways to keep your carpet clean before you call for professional carpet cleaning in Whistler.

  • Avoid dirt and bacterial buildup on your carpet

Avoid dirt and bacteria building up on your carpet. How do you do that? Start with preventing the dirt from entering your home. A simple step could be to spread rugs and doormats near the door so that the excess dirt particles stay on the mats and do not travel inside your home. While it is impossible to completely prevent dirt from entering your home, steps like these add to the life of your carpets.

If you want to go a little stringent with your carpet cleaning measures, you can adapt to a no-shoe policy in your home. For your furry friends, make a rule to clean their paws before they enter home after their outdoor time.

  • Never forget to vacuum your carpets

Another simple way to keep your carpets clean is daily vacuuming. We know you occupied with other professional tasks, but ensure your carpets are vacuumed regularly. Daily vacuuming will ensure that 80% of the surface dust is cleaned, but vacuums also get damaged when too much dirt enters their dust bag, and you should clean your dust bags as regularly as you vacuum your carpets.

Choosing the right vacuum for your carpets is also a critical step. You need to balance between the price and quality it offers. Research thoroughly before you pick up one for your carpets.

  • Clean spills immediately

Home carpets are vulnerable to spots and spills. And if you have kids and pets at home, spills are a common thing. So, when you see food particles or drinks falling on your carpets, you should immediately rush to clean them. That said, you must know the right way to clean the spills. If you clean it in the wrong way, your efforts may make the stains further worse. Here is how you should do it.

First, grab a cotton cloth and soak it into cool water. Take the cloth and gently dab the area. The ideal thing is to use a white cloth to avoid color bleeding into your carpet and creating a new stain on the top. In this process using cold water is essential because hot water can quicken the process of settling the stains.

  • Try methods to restore dented carpets

Carpets spread on your floors for a long time shall develop furniture dents where sofas, recliners, or chairs are placed. Fortunately, we have a few remedies to help you bring your carpet back to life.

Remove the furniture pieces and vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Now place the damp cloth on any dented or flat spots and iron the area for 30-60 seconds. If this method doesn’t work, you can use ice that will help to penetrate the fibers and add more life to your carpet.

  • A Professional carpet cleaner is all you need

Lastly, rely on a professional carpet cleaning in Whistler who will come and clean your carpets well. These professionals are trained to remove all the dirt and dust from the carpets to leave them clean and tidy.

Wrapping up

The tips for carpet cleaning in Whistler will not only help you keep your carpets clean, but they will also help you increase the lifespan of your carpets. While following these tips is fine, you should also schedule professional carpet cleaning in Whistler annually or bi-annually to maintain the shine and luster of your carpets.

The cleaning professionals will come in handy with all the latest cleaning tools, and they are well-trained to clean your carpets thoroughly. So, when you feel your carpets are losing their sheen, you must call the cleaning squad home. Relax while the professionals of carpet cleaning in Whistler do their work.


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