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Top Ways to Ride Safely with Your Baby

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Family biking is one way of bonding with your kids, but what can one do if you have a toddler who is yet to learn how to ride? If you are such a parent, numerous accessories options can help you ride together with your little ones and still keep them safe. For example, you can use the baby bicycle designed for attaching the baby to the rider or use a seat trailer. You should also look for warm clothes, for example a thick baby vest.

This article is about different ways to bike with your baby and the accessories options available in the market.

When can I ride with my baby?

The recommended age for riding with your baby is from when they are one year old, as it is when they can sit well unsupported, plus their necks are strong enough to support a lightweight helmet on their head. However, it is important to consult your paediatrician before you start riding with them. Since each child develops differently, the paediatrician will assess the child’s to determine if they are ready.

If you have to ride with a baby below 12 months old, the only option is to use a front-mounted basket. On the other hand, children above 12 months can ride on either a rear-mounted child bike seat or an attached child bike trailer. Below are the steps to take before you start riding with your baby.

  • You should wear a helmet and also ensure that your baby has a lightweight helmet at all times. Make sure that all the helmets are fitting and they are worn correctly.
  • Learn and follow bicycle rules in your country
  • Check your bike’s manual to confirm if it accepts or restricts a child seat. Also, check your bike’s maximum load capacity to avoid overloading.
  • Ensure that the bike’s tires are well inflated and the brakes are functioning well before your start riding. The chain should also have plenty of lube if you want a smooth ride.
  • Ensure that the baby is in heavy clothes not baby vests. Even if the weather is warm baby vests are not appropriate when riding due to the wind.

Top ways to bike with your baby

If you love riding for fun or use your bike as a means of transport, you don’t have to wait until you’re your kids learn how to pedal to enjoy riding with them. You can help them start early by going for rides with them regularly. Below are some of the options you can use to ride safely with your baby.

Child bike seats

Most child bike sites are mounted on the frame at the rear of the bike, though there are some designs you can mount on the front frame. Most of these seats are design to perfectly suit babies of varying ages, from toddlers to pre-schooler. When using a child bike seat, some of the safety tips include using a seat harness to keep the baby from sliding when you brake suddenly and making sure that the seat is stable.

Bicycle trailers

Bike trailers are suitable for kids about ages 1 -6. Unlike the mounted seats, these trailers are stable as they are low to the ground and easy to control. Therefore, they are the best option for cyclists who are not comfortable peddling with a child in a front or back seat.

Final Word

Riding with your baby can be fun for every parent, but it is always important to ensure their safety when riding. The above accessories and tips on using them safely will help you ride with your baby with confidence.


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