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Top Versatile Bottoms For Girls That Need to Be There in Your Closet

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One problem that women all around the universe cannot get rid of is the lack of clothes. No matter how many attires the closet owns, women still find it challenging to style their look daily. It happens because most of the outfits do not go with anything else in the closet. As a result, it becomes hard to pair a bottom with a top or vice versa. An easy solution to this is collecting a bunch of bottoms that can go with various styles. Like a pair of denim, there are a bunch of other bottoms that are versatile and can be paired in a lot of ways. The online stores offer an endless collection of bottoms for girls and women. This blog has picked a few bottoms that can go with most of the tops in your wardrobe. Keep scrolling to make a list of what you need to shop next. 

Distressed Skinny Ankle Jeans

Skinny jeans have never been out of trend. It is because they can be teamed up with numerous tops. Be it a boyfriend shirt, a crop top, a jacket, or an overcoat; skinny jeans go with all of them. Distressed jeans have recently come into the fashion world but have gained a lot of popularity. You can spot distressed jeans all over, and they look the best with a skinny fit. Skinny distressed jeans offer a chic look and also enhance the shape of your legs. It will be surprising if your closet does not own a pair of these jeans. It is a wardrobe staple, and you should immediately run to buy a pair if you don’t have one. 

Pleated Mini Skirt

For all the casual yet stylish looks, a pleated mini skirt always works. Whether you are going on a date, going to shop, or planning a night out with your girls, a pleated mini skirt is a big YES. A skirt can go with that one-shoulder top in your closet or a tube top that you have been waiting to wear. Or, you can also choose to go in a classic school look with tucked shirt and skirt with sneakers. Pleated skirts are among the adorable bottoms for girls with a feminine feel. 

Jogger Pants

Jogger pants are easy-to-go fashion apparel that speaks fashion like nothing else. They create a cool look no matter what you pair them with. A pair of joggers offers comfort, style, wide scope of style, and ease. Jogger pants for women are the best choice, especially for those who want a breathable yet comfortable bottom. If skinny jeans and skirts don’t fit in your style, joggers absolutely will. Buy more than one pair of bottoms for your closet so that you can wear them every day if you want to. Pair them with a crop top to show off your hard work on abs, or style a bomber jacket with them to speak your style statement. 

Pajama Pants

Pajama pants are never enough for a wardrobe. Pajama pants for women are ideal for comfy home wear, casual grocery outing, your stroll to the nearest store, etc. If you prefer comfort over everything else, we believe your closet should be overloaded with pajama pants. 

Keep all of these on your wishlist so that you remember buying all these essentials next time you go shopping. 


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