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Top Style Tips to Wear a Kaftan

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Though the kaftan has come along with a lot of changes in the modern era, it is traditional attire with ankle length and long and flowing sleeves. Kaftans are usually made of cotton or silk and come with a belt or sash around the waistline to give the shape. Initially, men used to wear it but now it is one of the main stylish garments for women around the world. Today, kaftans are available in varieties of shapes, colours, lengths, and designs. So, we will check out how differently you can wear a kaftan. Have a look-

Wear on the Beach

Wearing a beach kaftan dress is one of the most stylish ways to represent yourself. It can be a stylish cover-up for your beachwear. The light and breezy fabric of kaftan are perfect for creating the beach look for you. As this covers up your body on the beach, you get the best protection from the UV rays. Kaftan can be perfect beachwear for those women who are a bit conscious about their bodies. It can perfectly cover the parts of their body as they want. Pair your beach kaftans dress with a nice pair of sandals and designer shades and you are beach ready!

Go for a Boho Look

Though the popular style of wearing a kaftan is with a belt or sash, you can create a modern yet bohemian look by wearing the dress without these. The flowing style of kaftans will reflect the perfect attitude of your nature and you will look stunning. Choose geometric patterns or floral ones to create the look more perfect.

Wear Kaftan in a Formal Occasion

If you choose kaftan to wear on a formal occasion, you can go for a fitted design and the fabric should be of silk or any luxurious material. You can choose a kaftan with layers of sheer fabric. This will add the oomph factor to your look and ready for a formal get together.

So, here we have discussed how differently you can wear a kaftans. From beach kaftans dress to apparel for formal occasions, a kaftans is a dress that you can wear whenever you want.

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