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Top Strategies To Boost Real Likes On Instagram Posts

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Which social media platform comes to your mind when you think about posting images, videos, and marketing your brand and why?

Most probably, we all think of Instagram for all these things and the reason is simple; just because of its high engagement rate. With having more than 1 billion users, Instagram becomes the favorite social media platform for both users as well as businesses.

How you check the popularity of users or brands on Instagram? No doubt, Likes is the biggest metric on Instagram to check the engagement rate of users or brands. And why not; when you receive more likes on Instagram, your post gains a better engagement rate which ensures impactful results.

Likes can become the most important Instagram strategy but for that, you need to get likes. Through this blog, GetInsta comes with few top strategies which help you in getting more as well as free Instagram likes to enhance your engagement on this platform.

Best Ways to Receive Real Likes

To help you in taking advantage of the Instagram engagement, we at GetInsta provide some advanced tips to attain real likes on Instagram posts. These tips also allow you to receive free Instagram likes with ease.

  • Share High-Quality Images

Even if you use every strategy, but your image is not high-quality then you can’t expect likes on the post. So, the most important aspect of getting more likes is posting high-quality images. You can use a good camera with proper lighting effects to enhance the quality of the image and also use filters or editing tools to boost the quality of images.

Instagram also offers in-built filters to make your image attractive. In this way, you can attract more peoples which results in more likes.

  • Use Proper Caption and Hashtags

It is important for users to make their post engaging and that you can do this by adding an engaging caption on it. You can use any type of caption like inspiring, image-related, and even ask questions that allow users to engage more on your post.

If you want to enhance the reach of your post even to non-following accounts then hashtags are the perfect strategy for you. With a post, you can add a maximum of 30 hashtags and this number is more than sufficient to boost likes.

  • Use Geo-Location

If you want to target the people of a specific location then you can add Geo-location on your post. This strategy is used by most Instagram users to enhance the reach of their posts and receive more likes. In this way, you can make your post visible to the users of that specific location which enhances the engagement as well as likes of your post.

  • Use Instagram Stories

With the arrival of advanced features in Instagram like Stories, Reels, Live Videos, it becomes easy for users as well as brands to attract more engagement. You can also use Instagram Stories to enhance the engagement rate of your post for 24 hours. By sharing your post on Instagram stories, you can encourage a large number of audiences to view their post and like them. In this way, you can receive more real likes on your post.

Wrap Up

The first major aim of every Instagram user is to attain more real likes on their posts and for that you need to follow few advanced strategies. The above-discussed are some of the most impactful strategies of getting more and free Instagram likes.

We at GetInsta also assist you in receiving a better engagement rate on Instagram with more followers and likes.


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