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Top Reason’s Why You Should Take Online Self-defense Classes

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There are many laws and regulations made for the protection of women but are they sufficient for us to feel safe? Can we take our protection for granted and do nothing for the matter? I think not. As much as it is important for us to know our rights and available remedies, it is equally (if not more) important for us to invest in our self defence skills and knowledge. We are responsible for our own protection at the most basic level. Self defence does not need to be anything fancy or revolutionary, it begins with simple steps such as taking the right online self-defense classes and learning how to protect yourself when it matters. When we know how we can protect ourselves, we can feel safe anywhere at any time. Here are some basic tips that can help your self defence practice even more:

Attack vulnerable areas

When you are physically attacking your attacker, you need to be strong and aggressive. Aiming on areas such as the chest would prove to be ineffective. You should rather aim for more vulnerable areas such as the nose, throat, groin or eyes. Hit with all your strength and aggression. Your anxiety and tension should not reach the attacker. Most attacks can be subdued if you can tackle them strongly and confidently. To make sure that you are having maximum impact, use all your force on a particular vulnerable point with full force.

Aim the groin

It is already well known that you can paralyze a man attacker by aiming at his groin. But precision and force is important for this trick. It is also very important to remember that this would work only when your attacker is approaching from the front. Aim directly from the bottom towards upward direction either with your knee or your foot. Once again, use full force in this case. You need to use your aggression to fuel your attack when you are using this trick. It needs to be strong enough to paralyzed them for a few seconds so that you can make an escape.

Car key fist

The car key fist trick can be used with any type of key. It is particularly useful if your key has a sharp tip. To use this trick, you simply need to take the key in your fist and keep the sharp tip outside. This way when you knock the attacker, the sharp tip can hurt them significantly making an escape possible. Aim for the face and vulnerable points on it as much as possible. Our aim must be to immobilize them making a quick escape possible. You can use this key fist to punch them, hit them like a hammer or even thrust it downwards.

When you take good online self-defense classes, you can properly learn the ways by which you can protect yourself effectively. Many more ways will be shared with you that can be effective for particular situations. Learning from the best instructors would also give you the confidence you would need to protect yourself in dire situations.


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