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Top Myths About Teeth Whitening Busted

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Just like every other good treatment, people seeking teeth whitening services have to deal with a lot of confusion. The lack of knowledge about the services and the high number of myths can make you rethink your decision. However, teeth whitening is, contrary to what we think, a very effective and safe way to get your teeth white again. If you are considering teeth whitening treatment, here are some of the common Crest 3D white myths busts.

Myth 1: Teeth Whitening is dangerous for teeths enamel

No, it is not. The high-quality teeth whitening products use hydrogen peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide as bleaching agents. Both the agents are safe for use on teeths enamel. As these bleaching agents come in contact with the teeth, they convert into HO, which further breaks down into Hydrogen and Oxygen. As Hydrogen and Oxygen are commonly finded chemicals, there is no adverse effect on the tooth enamel.

The oxygen particles work against the stains on the teeths surface and weaken the stain’s connection with the enamel safely. However, if you use the wrong product which is highly acidic, the effects can be adverse. It is thus advised to use the best Crest 3D white strips only.

Myth 2: Teeth whitening strips affects your gums

It is a common conception that teeth whitening strips affect the health of your gums. Although it is true to some extent, but not when you use the strips the right way. There are clear user instructions written on the product labels which one should follow diligently. The instructions state that applying the strips on the gums is not advised.  The bleaching agent available on the teeth whitening strips can be a little harsh on sensitive gum tissues. You must use a high-quality teeth whitening product and ensure safe application and results.

Myth 3: Only dental teeth whitening treatment from the dentists work

Not at all true. You can achieve safe and high-quality tooth whitening results even without going to the dentist. The teeths whitening products available in the market are very effective and safe to use. You must find the right teeth whitening product that is safe for use and has natural products in it. You can pick teeth whitening trays, tooth whitening toothpaste, tooth whitening gels, Crest 3D white strips, and other similar products as per your preference.

Myth 4: Teeth whitening products are expensive

Certainly not, the best Crest 3d white strips and other tooth whitening products are available at an affordable price. You need to find a reliable teeths whitening shop and ensure that you buy genuine teeth whitening products. The best products from reliable brands are available at an affordable rate at the best shops.

These are some of the key myths about teeths whitening. We hope that the information offers you a better understanding of teeth whitening and enables you to make the best decision. You can trust teeth whitening options available in the market and get back your perfect smile.


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