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Top Mobile App Engagement Strategies in 2021

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In the technology driven environment we live in today, mobile apps have solidified their position in our day to day life. Almost every service and information is made available with the help of mobile applications. This gives rise to a huge number of mobile apps being developed and discarded everyday. The stats tell us that out of all the apps that a user regularly interacts with, 25% of them get uninstalled after a single use. This quarter signifies that there is room for improvement and a lot to be done to improve mobile app engagement strategies. On that note, here are the top mobile app engagement strategies to help you get started in making your application more interactive and interesting:

Know the Best Mobile App Engagement Strategies:

1. Improve App Onboarding

This is the first phase of trying out any mobile application. On a general basis, a user wanders and tries out multiple mobile applications at the same time. Among these, it is said that only half have an efficient onboarding process. By app onboarding we mean, guiding the user to get started with the app. Think about it yourself, would you like to continue using an application which you can’t even figure out? The more seconds it takes to understand how the application works, the less are the chances for your application to survive in the final selection. The app onboarding process should be crisp and to the point to attract more users.

Personalized Offers and Incentives

Everybody likes to gain more from less. Mobile applications become more popular when they have attractive deals and offers in comparison to their competitors. There are dozens of applications for a given service. The main question here is whether your mobile app has the personalized offers and incentives that can attract your targeted user audience. Mobile app development Melbourne aims to target this area and improve the personalisation process. There should be a balance between no offers and too many offers. The right amount of offers would keep the user hooked.

Push Notifications is the way to go

Modern day mobile app users use at least a dozen of applications regularly. This proves that there is always a strict competition even if your mobile app is finally downloaded. Ensuring that the presence of your application is well known to the user and is actually helpful makes it shine brighter. Push notifications are the best way to give quick information and engage with the user in an apt manner. Not only is it useful in giving updates but also in informing about latest deals and offers. This can also serve as a reminder for the user that the application is useful.

Simplify UI procedures

Another top strategy to improve user engagement as discussed by the best mobile app developer Melbourne would be to simplify your UI processes. Nobody wants to waste 10 minutes in creating an account for an application. The quicker and simpler it is, the better it would be for the popularity of an application. This point is not just limited to account creation but other aspects of the mobile app as well. For example, if it is an educational platform then it should have a simple and interactive UI so that the user does not have to waste the time in searching for options. The option to ‘post a question’ should be clearly visible. The core functions of the application should be straightforward and simple.

Always listen to the voice of your users

The best and most important way to improve user engagement for any mobile app would be to develop two way communication. Whether it is for the purpose of feedback or complaint resolution, the user should feel that their voice is being heard. The UI in mobile app development Melbourne should always have the option to interact with the service directly. Responsiveness to communication initiated by the user should take priority. Users are always more inclined to use an application that is quick to resolve queries and takes proper steps to make it a better version. A step from your end will be equally reciprocated by them if your approach is right and in a timely manner.

Mobile applications are meant to be interactive and easier to use. They should be able to improve the effectiveness of the service in a compact and useful manner. All the relevant options available at a glance, is what makes the mobile application versions much better than web versions. It is even better as they can be used on the go. User engagement can be improved with better UI, push notifications, deep linking and other relevant techniques. Mobile application developers should also remember that change is the only constant in this market. New features, layouts and offers are necessary to keep the application alive and thriving.


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