Top Job Opportunities Every Woman Must Check Out

Are you a woman who is looking for an opportunity to do excel in your career but do not know which career should best fit on your skill and education?

We know that when it comes to choosing the best career everyone struggles a lot– some time due to lack of knowledge or some time due to lack of guidance.

However, you need not to worry as we have come up with the best job opportunity that would help you choose your career based on your interest, job opportunity in the market and skills.

So, let’s deep dive into the article to know the best jobs for women in India and make the best use of it.


In India, every year thousands of vacancies are posted in various banks. If you are good at numbers and interested in banking job this is one of the most reputed job to do. All you have to do is to make command on general awareness, quant, reasoning and English. Spend some time in preparing all these subjects everyday you would be surely qualifying the exams.

Digital Marketing:

This is the era of digital marketing. If you have interest in technology and internet you would be amazed to know how digital marketing works in giving edge to the businesses these days. There are various domains in digital marketing in which you can make your career into. Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing is some of the most opted careers these days.


From centuries, becoming a doctor has been the choice of a woman. This is the reasons you can see the large number of women in the medical field. The top specialities in women are found in big numbers are general physician, gynaecologist, oncologist, dental, etc.

Software Developer:

As the world is becoming digital, every thing is getting digitalized. You are using an application for shopping, booking a doctor appointment, booking a cab, or even your movie’s ticket. The demand for software developer has increased due to the inclusion of these applications or websites in our day to day lives. To become a software developer all you have to do is to learn a specific coding language. Once you get command over a language you could apply for a software developer in any reputed or MNC companies.

Chartered Accountant:

There is hardly any job in India that gains as much respect as being a chartered accountant. In chartered accounting job a person is accountable to handle different domain of financial services such as auditing, banking, taxation, consultancy, etc.

Hopefully, this article has covered some of the best trending job opportunity for women in India. Banking, medical, digital marketing, chartered accounting, software development are the most opted careers for women these days. You need to find out your interest and skills and choose the career accordingly. If you are tech enthusiast becoming a software developer and digital marketer would suit you the best.

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