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Top interior trends for 2022

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As this year finally draws to a close, 2022 is calling and with it comes next year’s top interior trends.

In this article, we uncover exactly what to expect and what new homeware fashions will be taking the interior world by storm so you can make sure you’re on trend.

So, without further delay, let’s dive straight in…


It’s one of the biggest focuses across the world right now, with COP26 discussions still ringing in everyone’s ears. So it’s no surprise to see sustainability is set to be one of the biggest interior trends next year. From upcycling furniture to using reclaimed materials and fabrics, we can expect a shift from clean-cut, box-fresh modernism to now spliced with older pieces.

Vintage Revival

Alongside repurposing old materials, furniture flipping is certainly on the incline. This involves restoring items and giving them a new lease of life, turning them into bespoke pieces.

There seems to be an appreciation for one-of-a-kind pieces coming to light in 2022, with family heirlooms and vintage antiques all making their way into our homes in the coming seasons. But although decadent, historical antiques may look lovely in your home, they don’t come cheap!

You can often discover exquisite antiques at local auctions for a much lower cost if you do some research on events like these near you.

Colors and patterns

After what feels like an age of neutral and monochromatic tones reigning supreme over home aesthetics, we’re pleased to say that 2022 sees us moving away from the beiges, blacks, and creams and into warmer and richer colors that add warm character to a room. This is also a great way to delve into adding further textures within your home – why not consider investing in a wallpapered feature wall, printed cushions, or even natural herringbone flooring?

Multifunctional spaces

As remote working has become a part of everyday life for many of us, there is an essential need for a degree of separation between our home and working environment. This can be tricky to get around if we don’t have the physical space to create a home office in a spare room.

However, next year’s trend embraces multifunctionality, encouraging us to invest in designs that offer multipurpose furniture. For example, a deep-set windowsill doubling up as a cushion seating area, or desks becoming storage space for cookbooks or ornaments when they aren’t being utilized with remote working in mind.

If you need to make some essential changes to create a home working environment, just be sure to consider all the financial implications before committing to spending.


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