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Top Instagram Marketing Strategy For Small Business

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Instagram is becoming a new search platform. Yes! You read it right, 81 % of individuals use Instagram for getting information about products & services. Isn’t it a cool & effective platform to showcase your business, products & services? If you buy this, the Instagram marketing strategy for small business is totally helpful for escalating your business growth.

On average, most people use Instagram for 30 minutes a day. And, currently, Instagram has around 1 billion active users. That indicates, your potential buyers might be scrolling through your instagram feed. Therefore, Today, we’re gonna leave you with effective strategies for Instagram that actually get results.

Instagram is the best platform for building engagement, trust, entertaining, and nurturing your audience with information. But, your goal is to touch the bottom line and increase conversions. Isn’t it? 

Getting massive conversions requires traffic, an effective sales funnel, advertising, and many more tactics. Aside from the fact, the internet is inundated with blogs & videos to learn the skills. But, not knowing where & how to start is only going to make your learning journey difficult. It’s better to opt for a digital marketing course in Jaipur or in the city you live in that trains you in all aspects of digital marketing to scale your online business.

Learning digital marketing will open new doorways to reach & convert more customers. Instagram marketing is an integral part of that, So, let’s get ahead to learn how a small business on Instagram can build recognition, promote their products and sell them.

Instagram Marketing Strategy For Small Business

People love scrolling Instagram feel & checking on stories in their free time. And, you can market your product & services meanwhile. 

Here are some of the best strategies you can use for marketing your products and services on Instagram and generate great profit.

Switch To Business Account 

If you already have a personal account on Instagram which you use for your business. Switch it up with a business account. Don’t worry! You don’t have to do all the work from begging. 

Go to settings, and click on an Instagram business account. And, your business account is created with some useful features like:

Contact button: your audience can call you directly through this, in your personal Instagram account you don’t get this awesome feature.

Advertise: Now you can run advertisements directly from Instagram without needing facebook ads tools. And, this is time-saving and quite easy to do.

Analytics: Yes! Instagram business accounts will generate reports so that you find out the reach, engagement, and important metrics. This will show you how effective your marketing strategy is working and help to figure out how you can improve this further.

Make Your Insta Feed Attractive 

An attractive Instagram feed leaves a stunning impression on the audience. From your first post to last, use a template with specific or your brand colors and font.

Make sure whatever font & design you choose in your visuals you stick to it, and make it attractive.

Use Relevant Hashtags 

Hashtags help to increase your post reach organically. But, it needs to be relevant. Some people believe the more hashtags you use in your post the more reach you gain. But, using more than 11 hashtags are not advisable on Instagram and the ideal hashtag no is 6. 

Now the question is how to find relevant hashtags? Go on Instagram search and type your keyword and find hashtags related to it. Or for your company’s you can also make a unique hashtag that hasn’t been used, and use it in your post strategically. This no-brainer Instagram strategy for small business will make a huge difference to your post reach.

Swear By Constant Posting 

Decide how the post per day & time according to your users, not you. If you’re not free at the time your users scroll through Instagram you can use tools like Hootsuite for scheduling your post, but once the time is gone your post won’t reach your audience. 

Sharing regular content at a specific time is the best way to grow your business on Instagram. So, plan your content ahead of time, it helps to save your time and get your post live at the right time.

Leverage Instagram Stories 

Astonishing but true, 75% of view stories on Instagram are from business. Don’t you think? This is the best opportunity to get in the notice. Here are my tiny but effective business tips for Instagram- make your Instagram stories engaging. Use boomerang, gifs, and other cool elements in it to make it entrancing for users. 

Conclusion: Instagram is amusing. Not only for the users but for business as well. Leverage Instagram marketing strategy for small business to connect with your users, increase awareness, build credibility, and drive sales. Apart from this, for quick results, you can also use Instagram ads to target the right audience.


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