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Top Impacts Of Google Reviews On Your SEO Rankings

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The best bet to spread the word about your newly-established business is through referrals and recommendations. Even established businesses take proper care to keep their market reputation intact because they know that one bad word can bring out millions in losses. This is the power of reviews on rankings.

SEO Rankings take a direct hit when bad reviews roll in. You can have the glossiest website on the internet, optimized to the T. But the search engines won’t care if the customers don’t like your product/services.

Here’s how Google Reviews bring about a change in SEO rankings.

Good reviews lead to more conversions/better SEO results

It’s a no brainer that good reviews will attract more customers. From an SEO point of view, positive reviews are a search engine’s favourite as they help it to tag websites that are generally loved by the visitors. This characteristic also help them to recommend the same websites to more people who are looking for similar things or services.

Google Maps, Reviews and SEO Rankings

Google, since it has rolled out its integrated Maps feature, has chosen to be more selective in its business recommendations to viewers. The coupled reviews and stars give to an establishment are display in the search results, along with other details. This makes your SEO experts to work hard at optimizing the keywords and return prompts that will lead the audience to a superb recommendation on the website.

Reliability Test

Google is know as the most reliable search engine. You can search anything and any business, even if you don’t know their name. You just have to set your parameters and let Google do its thing. This has inspired the search engine to keep its search standards high and only pick businesses people have tried and tested. This SEO prompt makes the reviews for your business even more crucial from a ranking perspective.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media has become a huge influence in our day to day lives. Google has enthusiastically incorporated the social media angle into its search results. And you can easily find the social media handles on the top rankings these days. This only happens if Google has checked your business out thoroughly online. And is convinced it is the absolutely best recommendation it can give. It includes reviews from social media websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.

Long-tail Keyword Embeds

Long tail keywords are the additional perks SEO presents that are pick up by Google to return websites. Those are highly recommended by users. These embeds are usually found in reviews and feedback notes that users leave on the website’s products and services.

Long story short, there is a deep connection between SEO rankings and Google ratings. The better Google ratings for your website, the better it will rank on Google Search Results Page. SEO firms make sure your brand’s reviews are always shining, selecting trusted customers for this task. In the long run, reviews are treated as far more trustworthy by the search engines, impacting SEOs.


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