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Top Food Apps to Help You Eat Like a Local in a Foreign Country

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You might have just moved to a new country or maybe you are traveling to a different region, whatever the reason may be, once you reach there, you notice that the food falls short of impressing you. This might seem like a simple situation for you but for most ex-pats and travelers, finding good food is one of the biggest problems. People love to travel but since each country has a distinct cuisine, they are unable to find food that matches their taste. 

If you are thinking of traveling to another country or you are permanently shifting to a new place, adjusting to the food will be one of the biggest issues. Most people end up spending a lot of money just to find a good place to eat or buy groceries. 

However, a lot of travel experts believe that the best way to save money and enjoy an authentic experience is to look for street food only. In this way, you will be going easy on the pocket but you might remain a bit skeptical regarding the quality of food and taste. Most street food items are the reason you get travelers’ diarrhea and since street food has an authentic taste, it can be an extreme experience leading to other digestive issues as well.

As a traveler, if you are currently looking for a good place to enjoy food without compromising your budget or experimenting with food, there are different food applications that can help. You just need a good internet connection on the go like Optimum and your mobile phone. 

A good internet connection is especially recommended because when you travel, you may find it difficult to find reception or data. With Optimum, you can get a free nationwide hotspot, as it is available in more than 21 US states. For details and complaints, you can always contact Optimum customer service and learn more about the connectivity and available internet plans.  

Best Food Apps to Eat Like a Local While Travelling 

1. LocalEats

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Recommended for: Find the best restaurants near you or just discover the best food option based on food category. 

LocalEats is a perfect food guide for every traveler. The app has an elaborate list of famous restaurants that every traveler must visit. Moreover, if you have a food preference or you want to eat food within your budget, you can always find the right option. The app has multiple filter options so you can choose your favorite cuisine within your budget, near your restaurant or you can even find diet food options as well.  

2. Yelp

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Recommended for: Book or reserve tables in your favorite restaurant or enjoy authentic food in the area. 

You are in your restaurant but you are carving the best Asian food or you want to enjoy authentic French breakfast, what will you do? Yelp is a perfect option for when you do not want to travel long distances and yet you want to enjoy quality food near your location. From helping you find the best food near your selected location to getting the best discount offers, this app will do it all for you. So far, this is one of the oldest and best review-based apps where travelers and locals review food offered in different restaurants so you can make informed decisions. 

3. Eatigo

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Recommended for: Find the best and authentic Asian food near you 

Authentic Asian food is not something that you can find everywhere. Most people who love Asian food can tell the difference in taste based on the location. Most countries like to add their local touch, which can be a hit or miss based on your palate. With the help of Eatigo, you can find the Asian food of your choice from an elaborate database of 4500 Asian restaurants near you. 

4. Withlocals

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Recommended for: Get in contact with people catering to unique food cravings and bringing your food fantasies to life 

Most travelers who have sophisticated food palates generally get disappointed with the food quality regardless of where they go. If you are also a picky eater, WithLocal is the perfect app for you. The app brings unique local food experiences and delicacies to people around the world. Now, with this app, you can book wine tasting, food tours, fine dining experiences, and more. 

5. ChefsFeed

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Recommended for: Explore the authentic food options recommended by trained professionals 

We have all heard of review-based websites where people openly share their food experiences at local restaurants. However, these experiences are subjective and they vary based on taste and ethnicity. ChefsFeed is a perfect app where culinary professionals from all around the world share their food reviews. Based on cities, categorized for authenticity and reviewed by star chefs and food celebrities, what more can you ask for? 

Bottom Line 

While travelling if you do not enjoy food, you will not be able to enjoy your holiday experience as well. The above-mentioned apps will not just help you explore the best options near you but you will also get to save a lot of money via discount offers. 


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