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Top DIY Virtual Event Platform

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Virtual events are flourishing than ever before. There is no doubt that the pandemic has resulted in a shift in event patterns. With restrictions being imposed on public gatherings and people locked indoors, hosting virtual events has become the new trend in no time. Today, almost every organization around the world leveraged virtual event technology to host their day-to-day meetings, activities, and the most important company events.

The market is flooded with many resources that allocate comprehensive tools to make the best out of your virtual events. With the help of exuberant features, these virtual platforms help organizations to stimulate live physical event experiences in a virtual environment. Right from offering a custom branded environment suiting the company’s branding to offering extensive networking and engagement opportunities, these virtual platforms keep attendees engaged with the event throughout. By now, it has been clear that virtual events are here to stay even after the world recovers from the halt of the global pandemic. Undeniably, digital events are the future of the event industry.

As we move ahead of time, DIY virtual event platforms came into prominence. It allows organizers to set up a complete event environment as per the company’s branding. Right from customizing the registration process, to minute details such as button colors, icons, fonts to branding images, and so on, a DIY virtual event platform caters all.  DIY virtual event platform empowers the organizers to set up and host their own virtual event their way without any third-party involvement. These platforms are easy to set up and consume little time and effort. It allows organizers to hold meetings and events as long as they want.

In this blog post, we have uncovered the top 5 Do-It-yourself virtual event platforms that empower you to create and host your events your way. Let’s get started!

The Best DIY Virtual Event Platforms


It is one of the most popular online meeting and events platforms that enables organizers to create and host virtual and hybrid events all by themselves. Right from hybrid or virtual meetings, conferences, summits, and more, Airmeet enables organizers to host all. Attendees can attend the virtual meetups on Airmeet right from their remote locations and connect with other participants present during the event. The platform facilitates attendees to have 1:1 or group discussions in real-time. The platform offers best-in-class engagement and networking opportunities for users to engage them with virtual or hybrid events in real-time.

Airmeet enables you to host your virtual conferences at scale in a fully immersive custom environment all by yourself. Empower your attendees to navigate through multiple sessions, networking lounges, and exhibition areas to foster meaningful connections at the event with Airmeet.


When talk goes around top DIY virtual event platforms, we can not miss out on Platoo from the list. It is one of India’s first Do-It-Yourself Virtual Events Platforms. The platform empowers organizers to create and host their virtual events their way in less time with its power dashboard. The platform allocates organizers with all the necessary custom robust tools and features to host a seamless virtual event.

The built-in dashboard enables organizers to make edits as per their requirements depending upon the data they would like to collect once the event concludes. Organizers can collect any type of data from the event to measure the event performance as per their preference. Platoo offers everything you need to host a seamless virtual event your way. DIY virtual event platform enables you to create and host all types of events right from virtual conferences, virtual exhibitions, expo, and more.


A 100% customizable and easy-to-use virtual event platform, Zuddl enables organizers to host virtual conferences, 1:1 virtual meetups, networking events, webinars, and more in a safe and secure virtual space.

The platform offers unique event solutions that can be customized as per event requirements. The platform empowers organizers to easily create and set up their own virtual events as per their preference. Zuddl gives full control to organizers over their virtual events to create an event as per their liking. Creating engaging, interactive, and immersive experiences for widespread attendees in minutes have become possible with Zuddl.

Run the world

A virtual event platform designed for organizers, exhibitors, and speakers to host their virtual event and reach a wide spectrum of diverse attendees worldwide. Run the world platform offers various networking options for attendees to get engaged and interact with other participants as well as with speakers at the event unlike one-way video conferencing. The engaging and interactive features offered by the platform helps in delivering community-building experiences to attendees effortlessly.

The platform enables attendees to get clicked individually that can later be clubbed in the form of group selfies. These exciting features help in keeping hold of attendees throughout. Additionally, the platform allows attendees to get engaged with the speaker Live during the event by simply tapping a button. Whereas organizers get an option to enable roundtables during the event that facilitate attendees to have group discussions in real-time. The major pitfall of the Run the world platform is, it does not give any access to attendee information such as who signed up for the event and when.

Bonus Tip: It’s always best to choose a Self Managed Platform yet easy to customize with 24*7 tech support. MixHubb is one of such platforms.

Mixhubb is a Saas/self-set-up immersive event platform Mixhubb empowers you to host your engaging and interactive virtual events or hybrid events your way without any third-party involvement.

Mixhubb, the self-managed platform that adheres to privacy and compliance guidelines is the safest virtual venue to create and host all your online events your way.

The robust features offered by the platform help organizers to create a custom environment that closely simulates the live physical event experiences. The comprehensive engaging and networking features offered by the platform cater to all the client requirements empowering them to host large-scale virtual events or conferences and attract attendees globally.

Right from offering quick subscription plans, an easy event builder to create an event and make quick changes in the event before going Live, a dynamic lobby area, interactive auditoriums with various engagement features such as live chats, polls, emoticon integrations, exhibition booths, custom environment and much more the platform offers many such features to deliver immersive and engaging event experiences to attendees.

Additionally, Mixhubb empowers attendees to have real-time networking during the virtual event. Various networking options such as buyer-seller meet to have 1:1 discussions, virtual networking tables to have group discussions, live audio/video chats have been made available for attendees to connect and network with exhibitors, sponsors, speakers as well as with other attendees present during the event. Moreover, AI algorithms offer the best possible recommendation for attendees to network 1:1 with like-minded people or exhibitors sharing similar interests.

Now you can run your virtual meetings as long as you want your way without any limit in a fully immersive and custom branded virtual environment with Mixhubb. Simply set up, brand, and host small-scale as well as large-scale virtual events without any glitch with Mixhubb and deliver immersive experiences to your attendees effortlessly.

Wrapping it up

In the above-mentioned article, we have listed the best DIY virtual event platform that empowers organizers to create and host their hybrid or virtual events their way in less time. Hope the information mentioned above will help you out to plan your next virtual conference or event, till then happy reading!


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