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Top 9 cakes that can make your birthday party memorable

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There are some days in the year that we eagerly wait for. There are marriage anniversaries, housewarming celebrations; however, the most prominent one is birthdays. It is one of the ‘red-letter days’ of everyone’s life; birthdays might indicate that one is getting old only if you take age more than just a number. Celebration of birthdays is incomplete without the birthday cakes. Hence, it is something that we prepare and arrange more especially. Here are the top 9 cakes to make one’s birthday party most memorable.

1) Pineapple cake
Amongst the different fruit-flavored cakes this one is very special and customized. If you have someone in your life who loves their cake more savory than sweet, this is the ideal delicacy for them. A pineapple cake is a normal cake with pineapple zest or extracts added to the cake dough to decentralize the flavor. Later, the topping is done with freshly whipped pineapple flavored jelly-based cream with mild stripes of pineapples in them. To get the best quality of this cake, it is best to order cake online.

2) Classic black forest
Being the native cake of the country of Blitzkrieg, this German delicacy is the most popular birthday cake ordered by the people for their beloved’s birthdays. This cake is also known as Black Forest Gateau; it is full of layered cream and berry extracts. Nothing has ever touched the essence of the taste of this cake. In Europa park in Germany, the largest black forest cake was made covering 80 sq. meters and weighing 2963 kgs. In different online cake shops, one can find varieties of designs and standard sizes of this cake in good quality.

3) Almond cake
Most people these days are health conscious; hence they do not cheat the diet even with the thought of such delicacies. The cake is moist, dense, and would take a little bit of time to warm down. The whole cake is covered with shredded almond cuts. The healthy, Tasty, Elegant, and Soothing flavor of this cake can take anyone to the moon of happiness on their birthdays. On such a wintry evening, sitting beside the fire, such cake would make everyone go and remember about the perfect creamy topping finish with chopped almond on it.

4) Fruit cake
What else can be said about the most common healthy and tasty celebration cakes available and trending! Fruit cake has been the perfect combination of taste and health at the same time. There are different ways of making a fruit cake. One can choose to bake the cake with the essential ingredients and then decorate the cake with a lot of sliced fruits to give it an elegant look as well as a beautiful taste. Or, one can also prefer to select different fruit extracts to make their cakes fruity in taste. Both would make the birthday party a remarkable one.

5) Strawberry cake
Strawberry cake is an overload of sweetness and the aptest cake for someone who is born with a sweet tooth. A strawberry cake is filled with different flavors of strawberries- sliced strawberry, zest strawberry, and strawberry cream. It is best to decorate a vanilla cake with full or sliced strawberries on top and around. Add some edible flowers and greens to give it a perfect contrast look. For a beloved’s birthday, this would be a perfect indication of love as strawberry is a sensational fruit.

6) Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake is the most ancient form of cake dominating the cake baskets since its discovery. The reason why it is the most favorite choice of the people is it can be prepared innumerable forms of delicacies. A chocolate cake might be the most common cake for celebrating occasions, yet it is still the most delicious one. There are white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, wine chocolate, rum chocolate, chocolates with fruit flavors that can produce different luscious cakes to make the occasions memorable. Hence, undoubtedly, chocolate cakes are the best birthday gift ideas.

7) Oreo Cheesecake
It is odd to find someone who does not remember the most memorable Rachel and Chandler Bing fight in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yes, it was over the mouthwatering cheesecake that was the sole reason for the fight. And it is worth fighting for this flavorsome delicacy of cheesecake. One can personalize the cake by adding some crust of Oreo magic in them. One can choose to mix it in the dough or decorate the prepared cake with broken Oreo biscuits on top of them. If your beloved BFF is missing your hand-baked cake, one can choose to send a birthday cake online in France.

8) Sponge cake
This cake is a whoop cake; none can ever imagine the cake is made of no baking powder or baking soda after seeing its sponginess and softness. The whole cake becomes fluffy with the whipping of the eggs; either whole eggs or just the whites. The cake mold is best soaked in flavored syrups like lemon or pineapple syrups. Once the cake is done, layer it with whipped creams and smashed berries. Such a cake is perfect for those who admire the bakery as an art and not just a delicacy.

9) Upside down cake
Well, this is a fun cake; the idea of which can make the occasion of a birthday a very remarkable one. Following the tradition, this cake is made with finely sliced pineapples but can be customized with many other fruits like pears, peaches, blueberries, plums, and more. The trick is to put the upper layer topping of the cake at the bottom of the cake pan with sugar and butter and the whole cake batter is poured. So, when the cake is prepared and served on the platter, it is put out upside down, hence the name.
Cakes are at the pinnacle of the 3Cs of occasions- celebration, cakes, and chocolates. Above are the best cakes that can turn your birthday a remarkable one.


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