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Top 8 Flyer Templates Categories For 2021

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Flyers serve numerous purposes like attracting attention, spreading word about your business, mentioning events, occasions and much more. Creating flyers from the start can be a time-consuming and lengthy task. Why waste so much of your precious time on creating flyers yourself when you can just use flyer templates online. One of the best online platforms for flyer templates is collection of flyer templates. We have reduced your burden and gathered top 8 flyer templates categories for 2021

1. Business Flyers-

Business flyer templates are such that they comprise all types of businesses whether it is a coffee shop or a construction company. These graphic design flyer templates feature details and help in gathering attention of the target audience.

Various business flyers categories can be accounting flyers, wedding photography flyers, babysitting flyer templates, technology flyer, IT flyer, etc.

For instance, an IT flyer is such a template that is designed while keeping a professional audience in mind. It uses corporate colours, modern fonts and a clean and attractive layout. These all elements are related to the business.

2. Product Flyers-

Product flyer templates are created to attract the attention of the target audience towards your products. These flyers spread word about your product. Tell people about its benefits, uses and deals on it. This is a great way to initiate the sales.

There are lots of product flyers, some of them are dental flyers, coconut flyers, lipstick flyers, coffee flyers, etc.

You can promote your makeup and beauty products through lipstick or any matching flyer. Such templates are specially designed for female customers. So, our can change products on description on beauty flyers and use. Business details can also be mentioned at bottom of flyer tomake contact easier.

3. Event Flyers-

Event flyers are a great way to spread word about any upcoming event, party or occasion. Using a perfect event flyer will help you out whether it is a birthday celebration, a corporate event or a festival party.

Here are some event flyers- musical festival flyers, concert flyers, back to school flyers, halloween flyers, dance party flyers, etc.

A halloween flyer is an event flyer designed to invite your guests. Celebrate amazing occasions like halloween with a fun event and promote that with flyers. You can customize templates adding contact details, venue, icons, etc.

4. Sale Flyers-

Sale flyers’ main purpose is to bring more and more customers in. These flyers are a great way to attract the attention of the target audience and convince them to visit your store.

There can be various sales flyers like sales on arrival flyer, beauty salon promotion flyer, black friday sale flyer, fashion sale flyer, etc.

Sales on arrival flyers is an attractive option to promote your upcoming sales and promotions. This effective flyer may include an attractive photo, some deals and contact details at bottom. You can either get images from your company’s book or use stock images available online.

5. Restaurant Flyers-

Restaurant flyers are a great attraction that bring customers in with mouthwatering flyers. These put your food in the spotlight. You can list menu and specialties on flyers.

Some of these are wine specials flyers, luxury restaurant flyers, italian cuisine flyers, herbs and spices flers, etc.

A luxury flyer is a great way to startle the eyes of your audience. It contains luxury designs, attractive fonts, attention grabbing images. You add personality of your restaurant to these flyers and distribute.

6. Nonprofit Flyers-

Generate funds and spread awareness about various causes through non-profit flyers. These flyers are designed in such a way that catches the attention of viewers building an emotional connection with them and them take action.

There can be various non-profit flyers like fundraiser flyers, wildlife care center flyers, fundraiser adoption events, etc.

Children fundraiser flyer helps in reaching out to the audience and helps save the lives of innocent children. You can use 2 happy children photos to melt the hearts of your viewers. Using photos of children that are suffering can also prove to be impactful. Do mention and ask your viewers for donations and how they can do so.

7. Education Flyers-

Education flyers are solely for the purpose of gathering attention of people who are in search of education. These flyers tell about schools, institutes or tutore wishing to provide education or any skills.

These may include school flyers, university flyers, tutor flyers template, etc.

Tutor flyers carry the information regarding what skills you can provide to your viewers. It attracts attention and spreads word about your skills and what you have to offer. This must also include contact details and a stock image regarding a particular skill. 

8. Religious Flyers-

Attract people and spread word about different events or religious gatherings through religious flyers. These are created to bring in people who have interest in spirituality. These are created for attracting people to build spiritual connection with the almighty.

These can include church flyers, religious event flyers, etc.

Church flyers are to promote announcements and activities to take place at religious places. It makes people aware about different occasions where they can gather and worship god.


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