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Top 8 Development Languages & Frameworks for Developers In 2021

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Mobile phone app developers have to keep their eye on many things. That includes the trends as well as the development languages and frameworks.

In the past 10 years, as much as mobile phone applications have solved the problems for their users, the developers have gone through an insane amount of hassle and evolution to be able to deliver cutting-edge applications. While many developers rely on tactics used in the industry for ages, some need to stay in the loop to make the latest and bleeding-edge application that most users ask for. But, creating those applications requires understanding one of the essential things about app development: the languages and frameworks.

Are there various types of languages or frameworks that you should keep an eye on? Or do you need to understand only a few to be able to make astounding applications? While there are many frameworks and development languages, here are some of the handpicked app frameworks and development languages you should understand in 2021.

Java is the core of most mobile app development languages and coding for other programs. The core code of Android consists of JavaScript and Java. So, if Java isn’t in your arsenal, you miss out on 90% of the app development world.

  1. Swift

Swift is the primary programming language for iOS. However, since 2014, it has seen many uplifts and has undergone many changes. Moreover, it has various frameworks as well. So, if you wish to enter the world of iOS development, Swift should be on your list.

  1. Kotlin

A cross-platform and statically typed programming language for the general purpose may sound like a bit to chew. But that is precisely what Kotlin is. It is one of the JavaScript library’s chief frameworks, providing various intriguing options for android app developers.

  1. Objective-C

Going back to iOS app development, Objective-C is one of the oldest and perhaps most essential app development languages today. While most iOS app development depends on your learning of Swift, Objective-C still plays an integral part in making intriguing apps.

  1. React-Native

Whether you wish to make social media apps or need to create a taxi booking app, React-native does it all. Initially, it was released by Facebook, and they still hold the rights to it. The programming interface allows you to make hybrid applications for both platforms swiftly. But the key is that performance isn’t compromised, hence the name.

  1. Ionic

Ionic is another notable name in the world of Android app development. Since 2013, Ionic has seen many uplifts and has become an integral programming framework for Android OS. With the latest update in September 2020, Ionic is an ideal framework for creating interactive applications for all purposes.

  1. Swiftic

Swiftic is the property of Conduit, and it has become one of the chief programming frameworks for iOS developers. Learning this type can guarantee you create great iPhone apps.

  1. Angular UI

If you wish to create great user interfaces for your apps, then Angular UI is your answer. As the name suggests, this JS-based framework helps you make your applications appear outstanding.


While creating applications depends on more than your knowledge of app development languages, learning these frameworks and programming codes can help you overcome many problems you can face. So, ensure you understand these and learn as many of them as possible.


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