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Top 7 Trouser Styles Every Man Should Know

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Trousers provide a fresh touch in your dressing. Generally, men wear blue or black denim all the time, and in the population of denim, a pair of trousers appears as a shining star. There are hundreds of different styles of trousers, and it is impossible to mention them all in a single blog. Therefore, we will mention some of the best and the popular ones.

  1. CHINOS:

In the collection of trousers for men’s, Chinos are at the top of the list. Chinos are easy to style, they look great with anything and most importantly, they provide relaxation. This pair of trousers is a perfect blend of casual and formal dressing. If the day is hot and formal dressing is a requirement, wearing chinos may do the trick.

  • CORDS:

Cords first came in the 70s. Today, they are worn by many who endorse vintage styling. If you are invited to a party where vintage is the theme, wearing cords will make others get impressed by you. Remember, cords are warm, and they are preferred for cold weather. Therefore, wearing such pants in summer may not be a good idea.


Drawstrings are the most casual trousers. They are made for the days when you want to live for yourself without any commitment. The relaxation that drawstring trousers provide is unmatchable. If you want to hide the tie, wear a roll neck or sweater with these trousers, but wear a basic t-shirt and enjoy the day if you are confident enough.


In the case of classic and formal dressing, slim-fit trousers are ideal. When you have slim-fit trousers, you should throw away your skinny jeans as this trouser provides a similar feel with more relaxation and style. Ensure that you don’t make them too tight as you need to move around and look confident when wearing slim-fit trousers.


Suppose you are fed up wearing jeans again and again, then maybe it’s time to say hello to wool trousers. Whether you are going to the office or partying in the countryside, this fantastic pair of classic wear is ideal.


The primary purpose of wearing trousers is comfort. The relaxed leg trousers are the best when it comes to providing comfort. The style dates back to the 50s, and since then, this pair of trousers is winning the hearts of many and fighting against the time. However, there is one issue with this style. The bottom can be hard to perfect. Therefore, make sure not to make them too long or too short.


Although some ups and downs are seen in trouser trends but cargo pants have been around for years. Today, if we mention trousers, the first thing that comes to mind of a regular guy is cargo pants. The reason for cargo popularity is due to the fact that these pants provide comfort, space, style and most importantly, more pockets. Cargo pants look perfect with hoodies, sweaters and button-downs. 


There is no doubt that trousers enhance your dressing. However, make sure that the style you choose fits your personality and overall dressing. After reading this blog, we hope you will have a basic idea about what style of trousers to wear on what occasion.

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