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Top 7 Tools for Remote Team Collaboration

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Anything that has drastically changed over the last few years is how people work. Remote workers Platforms are more common than ever, and many people like them. Also, many companies are comfortable in allowing their employees to work remotely. They can monitor their activities online using different software that ensures that everyone is doing their job and not wasting time while taking advantage of the remote job. 

However, many companies still lack the accurate monitoring of their remote employees. They can’t collaborate on an extensive level just like they could when in office. But, many tools are there to give a good remote office collaborative environment and keep everyone on the same page. 

This article mentions those common tools used by various firms worldwide for active remote employee engagement and collaboration. We will compare different software for remote work. 


Trello is a great tool for in-house team tasks management and the collaboration of remote employees. It consists of the different boards that you can create according to the department. It is one of the best project management software for its simplicity and performance. You can add the tasks, assign them deadlines, set priorities, add files, add comments, and mark them as done once the task is done. Its easy-to-use feature has made it a recommendable choice for new startups. Its commenting feature also keeps everyone on the same page and updates everyone on any new changes made. 


One of the most talked-about project collaboration software for effective remote work is Monday.com. It is easy to use and gives a good collaborative environment for everyone onboard. One of the best features of Monday.com is that you can create tasks using existing templates of the software. It saves much of your time from setting up. Moreover, this software can be integrated with Trello, Slack, Google Drive, and more. 


Technological automation is now a need more than ever. Remote employees need active collaborative tools where everyone is on the same page. Zapier allows you to remotely pull and push the data and inform the necessary team members using its automatic programs. Without this, you would be doing tons of manual effort. 


Zoom became popular among people after the need for remote work. Nowadays, every worker knows about this software. It is a great tool for the collaboration of online team members to communicate, chat, conduct meetings, and deliver messages. Its free trial is available, and the price is quite low. It sends in-person email invitations to remind people of the upcoming meetings. 


Basecamp is another remote team collaboration software offering numerous options. There are to-do lists, file sharing, calendaring, and due dates options that allow monthly planning of the tasks. It is ideal for tracking projects, necessary changes, and keeping everyone on the same page. However, it might be complex initially, and you will need time to learn it properly. 

Google Drive

Everyone knows about it, and it is pretty much cheaper as compared to other software. When you want to save tons of files and need a large storage amount, Google Drive can be your go-to choice for that. Google Drive is easy to use and gives security features while sharing files and folders among people. 


GitHub gives a good collaborative platform to software developers. It allows hosting, reviewing the code, and managing code development in a much easier way. It is one of the highest-rated software among developers. 

Final Words

Other remote team collaboration tools exist, such as teamwork, Blink, Task, Wrike, and more. It depends on your preferences as to what type of software you need. Whether you want to prioritize uploading the files and keeping everyone updated about the tasks, or you want better communication with your colleagues. Setting up the priorities will help you determine the right kind of software for your work.


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