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Top 7 Things To Know Before Buying A Diamond Painting Kit

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If you have a passion for painting, you can look at diamond painting instead of painting with colors. However, you need the relevant diamond painting kit to get the work done, though.

Here Are The Seven Things To Know Before You Get Down Making A Custom Diamond Painting

  1. What does a kit consist of?

The diamond painting kit usually consists of a canvas, a plastic tray for placing the crystals when painting, the crystals or the diamond, the pen used for pick and dropping on the crystals, and wax or gel.

  1. Understanding the function of each tool in the kit.

While diamond painting is simple, it is important to understand how to use each tool. For example, the crystal is made up of numerous cells, or the wax is used as an adhesive so that the crystals can stick to the canvas. 

  1.  Research diligently to understand the best company 

Take references from people you know or research online to find a company specializing in making top-quality diamond painting tools and kits. Read reviews and testimonials online and read thoroughly about the company.

  1. Different types of kits

The good thing is that there are numerous kits found in the market. As an amateur or starter, you should go with the basic kit for diamond embroidery landscapes. If you are experienced, you can try the 5D kit. There are partial and full drill kits too. Amateurs can start with the partial kit, while seasoned painters can choose the full drill kit.

  1. Canvas types

For diamond painting cartoons or other paintings, you need to know that there are varied canvases. There are different sizes and materials. Choose as per your convenience and knowledge.

  1. Painting crystal types

There are two types of crystals – round and square ones. The difference is the look of the painting – square crystals give the impression of mosaic art while the round ones look a  cross-stitched look.

  1. What is the purpose of investing?

When making diamond painting singers, your purpose should be clear – is it just a hobby, or is it a professional pursuit? There are different price ranges, so it is essential to know your purpose well to save money.


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