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Top 7 Most Useful Software for eBook Writers

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When it comes to writing an eBook, you have to be very fast and efficient. Writing an eBook can take an eternity if you’re not utilizing the software to pace the work. You also have the option to hire an eBook writing service, but let’s put it in the second position on the list.

In today’s world, when there are hundreds of software at your service, there is no need to spend hundreds of hours on compiling, editing, or writing a book. Some people like to write an eBook the old-fashion way, but using the software can save you a lot of time and can make it easier for you as well.

Transforming your eBook through proper writing, dictation, grammar checks, and all can help you in advancing your writing skills. If you want to use some software to improve your writing, then here is a list for you.

Google Docs Voice Typing

Simply open Google Docs with a browser or click on the ‘Tools’ and select ‘voice typing’. It’s important to use your browser to get hold of voice typing. Writing can become simple and easier if you just say what you have to write. Dictation is available in over 80 languages, so a lot of eBook writers can take help from it. Commanding your app is the most convenient option when you have to write hundreds of words in a document. This feature is available for both iOS and Android. Using this software can speed up your work, so why not take full advantage of it?


This software may cost you from free to $200. If you’re a eBook writers, then you have to market your book on digital platforms at one point. The goal of this tool is to allow eBook writers to write once and publish everywhere. You can edit your books or write them on this tool without any trouble. You can post the book under your or your publishing house’s name. It’s a perfect tool for publishing scrapbooks and magazines along with publishing on Amazon. You can also add stories, audio, pictures, and more to the book.


Do you want a beautiful and text-centric eBook? If yes, then Vellum is the one you should get for your book writing. This software is designed by keeping elegance and uniqueness in mind. It’s the best software to produce Amazon-, Kobo-, and Apple-approved books. Creating beautiful and professional books is not a problem with Vellum, so feel free to get this software for eBook writing endeavors.


Want to create print-ready and press-friendly PDFs for publishing? Don’t worry, InDesign is here for you!

Not only is this software perfect for typesetting, but it’s more than you could ever imagine. This software can also help you in designing excellent websites, presentations, and forms. It’s not easy software though, you have to take some time in exploring it and finally mastering it. Although it’s perfect for everything, exporting a book into an epub might not work as great as you expect.

iBook Author

Writing eBooks is not easy because your mind is always working. Imagine if you get an idea for the book during a walk or a drive? This is the reason why you should utilize iBook Author. Apple is here to help you get your books written in time and also help you with the publishing. Apple iBooks Author is a wonderful tool with plenty of personalization opportunities to help you write the best book of your life. You can also sell these books in the iBook store without any trouble. What’s better than this? Get started with writing your book and starting to sell it online.  


When you’re writing long and complicated eBooks, research articles, and so on, then editing can get really complex. It’s not conversion software, but it’s the best text editor that you will find online. When you’re writing long eBooks and research articles, editing can become specifically hard. When you’re trying to find a spot to edit, it can take a lot of time, but not with Scrivener. This software is specially made to resolve this issue and no doubt it’s doing a wonderful job. You can further use this software to get help with footnotes, endnotes, and references.


If you’re looking for an eBook software manager, then Calibre is the one for you. This software allows you to act as an eBook library manager, easily edit metadata, handle the input and output format of the book, and easily send your book wire or wirelessly. This software also helps you in creating a list of your books as per your book’s information. It further sends the book in the right format to the other device. You can also use this software to convert the book for your personal use. Cluttered codes are a complete turn-off, which is why using this software’s manuscript preparation guide is the best deal for you.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to choosing from a list of software to help with your eBook, all of the above can help you a lot. You don’t have to be a pro to use software, you can always learn it through online tutorials or simply by exploring it. If you’re unable to use this software, then you can always utilize an eBook writing service from a professional eBook writers. Make sure to hire the best people for the job; otherwise, your reputation can be at a risk. eBook writing can be better done with these online tools and software to ensure efficiency, so make the most use out of them.


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