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Top 7 features of the Samsung mobile which made it so popular in India

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It feels surreal when you think about the fact that the first Samsung smartphone was launched a dozen years ago, way back in 2009. Since then, each year, it has been in the top 3 smartphone best-sellers in the Indian market; most of the time in the top spot. Samsung has been a household name in several segments of home appliances, but especially so in the case of mobiles and smartphones. With their superior technology, snazzy designs, terrific performance and an abundance of options across budgets, it is no wonder the popularity of Samsung mobile phones has been skyrocketing. In this article, we examine 7 top features which have made Samsung mobile phones so popular in India.

Android OS

Back in the day, mobile phones were considered a luxury item and fairly mundane in their looks and operations. Soon, smartphones were launched with touchscreens and Apple’s iPhone bedazzled its way into the hearts of the people. Samsung, on the other hand, understood the massive potential of Android OS and quickly imbibed that in its Galaxy S-series of phones. The promotion campaign was to place Samsung mobile phones with the flexible Android OS as a better and cheaper alternative to the iPhone. This definitely resonated with people and the result is for all to see. 


Often called the heart of the smartphone, an efficient and fast processor ensures there is a minimal lag while engaging in the multiple activities one typically uses the smartphone for. Samsung is renowned for its semiconductor and processing technologies. Most of their best-selling phones come with octa-core processors of either Exynos or Snapdragon variety. These are fast and furious which are able to allow users to multi-task between heavy applications without burning out quickly. These new-gen processors are energy-efficient as well, thus not sucking your battery dry as some of the other ones do.

Battery Life

If the processor is the heart, then battery life is the blood that sustains the performance of the smartphone. It is often referred to as ‘juice’ in common slang. Samsung mobile phones are a delightful companion due to their long-lasting battery life. You can stay entertained for hours at a stretch. Another important feature is their quick charging mechanism, which is vital when stuck in an emergency situation without power backup.


Most people of the newer generation look at the camera quality while choosing their new mobile. With the popularity of Instagram and other such social sites, a high functioning integrated camera along with photo editing features is a priority for many. Samsung front and rear cameras have been the benchmarks for years, with some of the higher-end devices coming with a triple camera configuration as well. The ability to click pictures, edit them, apply filters and then seamlessly upload them to the social media site of your choice makes Samsung phones the preferred choice among the youth.


Samsung is renowned for its audio-visual appliances the world over. It should come as no surprise that the same high-class performance reflects in their smartphones as well. The price point does change due to superior specifications, but as a rule of thumb, most Samsung mobile phones have superior display quality than their counterparts. They’re sharp, brighter and have far better pixel-based resolution capabilities, which makes them a delight to use while watching Full HD streaming media content like movies or web series. The wider display size in the high-end models makes you forget that you are watching content on a phone.

Speakers and Audio

As any true fan will tell you, a picture alone does not complete the experience. With great visual quality, you need a powerful audio and sound system as well. Samsung phones boast remarkable audio clarity and bass-induced output. While listening to music or playing games, the stereo experience is absolutely immersive. In the high-end models, you can also get Dolby Atmos, which can increase the sense of size and scale in audio.

Amazing Post-Sales Service

Another reason for the surging popularity of Samsung mobile phones is their helpful and highly-rated post-sales service support. Their easily accessible tech support, affordable components, and quick and reliable service have become industry benchmarks.

Bottom Line

Because of the aforementioned — and several other reasons, Samsung mobile phones remain at the top of popularity charts in India and across the world. If you are looking to buy a new mobile phone, then visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to choose from a variety of smartphones from Samsung and other brands. You are likely to come across many delightful offers to make it an immensely rewarding experience. Additionally, by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can purchase the smartphone you fancy on No Cost EMI.


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