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Top 6 Ways to Improve Sound Quality of Room Speakers

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Getting the loud sound is fun, but the main thing that makes more concern than the loudness of sound is the quality of it. Whether one is a music enthusiast, audiophile or movie lover, the quality of sound matters, no one want to receive distortion at the moment when the terminator is about to say “stay here, I’ll be back”. Well, that might be a mess, thus for the assurance of fact, that you get the real goosebumps with the fine quality sound, we have enlisted some recommendation for the purpose.

Improving the Sound Quality

Rekindle these certain methodologies for the betterment of the sound experience;

Placement of the Speakers

The placement of the speakers in the room has a huge impact on the sound you are hearing from them.

Reason Behind Placement of Speakers?

The cause behind moving of your speaker is because of the sound reflection. As for the fact, that the sound needs medium to travel but the denser the material, the hard it would be travel thru, this also allows the sound to fall back when the material is too compact.

Does it Matter; the Speaker’s Placement?

The placement of the speakers depends on the insights and structure of the room. In the short manner, the obstacles placed in the path of sound for reaching you is the main thing of concern. An extent of such objects can be good for the betterment, but the too much compactness will be blocking the way of detailed sound frequencies, thus, putting down the quality of sound.

Where Should we Place the Speakers?

As the above query solves, the reason behind the placement of the speaker, the main concern is that, in a room full of obstacles (furniture and stuff), where should be the best sound quality is reached to the listener, while positioning;

  • Place them on top of a table.
  • Make sure they are not too close to the walls.
  • Remove any lining furniture in the path i.e., tables, lamps, etc.
  • The speaker should not face each other.
  • Maintain a proper distance from your sitting spot to the speaker placement.

The reflection of sound from such obstacles will make you hear the same audio twice in a row, only some millisecond past to each other. The result majorly includes the loss of crispiness from the audio.

Getting the Walls Right

The reflection of sound on the walls plays a vital role in the crispiness you get from the sound. You might have considered the fact, that in an empty room, the echo of any sound is just on next level. That is because of the solemn reflection of sound in a defined manner.

Why it is a Menace?

The reflection of sound causes the sound to displace the alignment, thus the same audio can be heard twice or even thrice, with a difference of milliseconds. This difference increases in number, when the room is not so big, on the other hand, there is no such stuff in it. The sound bounces, and the bounced sound bounces again, thus a loop is created as till the energy is absorbed completely.

Putting Stuff on Walls will Help

Hanging different wall vanity will help in improving the sound quality experience from the speakers. Well, that might not only increase the quality experience but likewise, it will help in increasing the aesthetics of place. Items that are usefully contacted in this matter are;

  • A Large Portrait
  • Photo Frames
  • Fibre Wall Coverings
  • Thick Wall Papers

Any of the elements on the wall will help in minimizing the reflection of sound created by the compactness. This is the reason, studios are incorporated with covered walls, for the same purpose.

Covering the Windows

The same menace of sound reflection happens with the bare windows—in order to increase the sound quality, covering the windows is likewise important, thus, for the factor;

  • Put some nice heavy curtains on the windows.
  • If not the curtains, then drawing shades will be helpful in the cause.

Extra thick curtains will absorb too much sound, which will be declining the effectiveness, make sure the width is appropriate if the windows are wider than usual.

Covering the Floor

The bare hardwood flooring responses to be over reflective for the sound, that would contribute in the distortion of sound. Even, if the walls and windows are covered with stuff, and the speakers are placed in the appropriate spot, there won’t be much improvement if the room has bare hardwood flooring.

Install Carpet

As it may not be the cheapest solution to this, but as to improve the aesthetics of the place, the carpet flooring will be helpful. Depending on the size of the room, whole carpeting might not be in the pocket range, thus, inducing rubber rugs, or piece carpets will likewise make the whole difference in the quality of the sound.

Choosing the Right Speakers

Although the improvement of the sound is necessary, the step before that choosing the right speakers plays a keen role in the sound quality. In accordance with the factor, our experts have carved out the best budget speakers for turntable with the highest quality sound;

Adjust the Seating

The placement of the speakers must be effective, but the placement of your seating is magnificently important as well. The listing spot merely depends on the angle of your seating, in order to induce the factor, try the following;

  • Make sure you triangulate the seating as according to your speaker.
  • Don’t be too near to the walls, (if they are not covered), the sound will be reflected and quality.

Distance from the Speakers

The distance of the seating is also to be made sure, not to so far from the speakers, and likewise not too much close. The reason behind the fact, is that the sounds of different pitches have different frequencies. These different frequencies have variable wavelengths—the spreading of these is dependent on distance of listener from the speakers.

Thus, too close will make some frequencies to be heard very higher, & some to be very lower and vice versa. In order to maintain a balanced level of both range of frequencies. The seating must be not too distant, nor to near.

Checking the Playing Stream Settings

The quality of the sounnd is affected by the streaming settings as well. Even, if the settings of the streaming music are set to default—that might not still be delivering the fullest quality. The music services like Apple Music, Spotify doesn’t generally deliver the highest quality files, unless you thrive in to settings. The quality diversity is granted in “kbps”, the higher ratio will deliver higher quality. The higher transferred rate will consume larger data but there is no way to consider that when listening to music.


The groove of music cannot be surpassed with the default soound quality, whether it is your favourite movie you are watching or just enchanting your music, the quality of soundd on its fullest is the best way to boost the experience. We have explained the ways one should implement in order to improve the quality of sounds. The list starts with adjusting the placement of speakers in the right spot where there are no such obstacle blocking the sounds path to the listener.

The other technique is to put in the curtains on the windows, and the carpet the floor. Adjusting the streaming settings likewise plays a keen role in the betterment of sound quality, and in the last adjust the seating of listener—they must not be too distant nor to near, in the balance for the better hearing of every frequency range.


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