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Top 6 SEO Trends in 2021 You Must Follow

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In 2021 if you are using the same SEO optimization methods? Don’t do that. Try putting yourself into the customer’s shoes and from their perspective lookout for areas in which you lag. Be creative and try something new.

So today, in this blog we will see what this year has got stored for you in terms of SEO? And which SEO trends in 2021 must be followed to shoot up your business. Let us begin now!

Local Search Listings

The first and the foremost thing which you should be taking care of is to get your business listed in the local search listings. Don’t think about this as just one of the many SEO strategies. This is an important one. Think to yourself what do people do when they want to know about a particular business serving in their area? They make use of the internet. And how do search engines help these people to find the business? They track the business’ local SEO.


To be truthful, local SEO was not a hot topic in the earlier days but today to make your business noticeable and to maintain its presence in the market, you need to stand out with the help of this local SEO. It is not troublesome work to do. Just start by creating a Google My Business page and build some strong backlinks. Analyze what backlinks your rivals have gotten inspired with and then aim for those yourself.


Improve SERPs with Long-Form Content

Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with brief explanations and not so time-consuming reads. Today they want everything to be in the longest format possible so that they can gather as much information as needed to decide whether they should take a particular decision or not. In-depth exploration is their major concern now. Now, this is what your customer wants but in what way is it beneficial for your business? Let’s see.


  • Long content is surely a way to establish yourself as a subject matter expert. And the general audience likes to hear from experts.
  • Long content means a longer format for you to make use of the most relevant keywords as many times as possible to rank your website.
  • Studies have shown that almost 77% of backlinks can be generated from long-form content. That means you got yourself a route to attract organic traffic without much hustle.
  • This one of the many 2021 SEO trends will allow you to reduce your website’s bounce rate as your site will be providing a full-fledged topic.
  • Long-format contents have a higher chance of getting widely shared via social media.


Upgrade your mobile version of a website

Mobile-friendliness is what you need today. Your website ‘ought’ to be working properly on mobile phones or else there are chances you might fail to rank your website on Google. But why so? If you are not aware of this then let us tell you what Google did in 2019. Google came out with mobile indexing, that is, the search engines will primarily look into your website’s mobile version and not the desktop version. In other words, the mobile version of your website is considered “primary” and is impacting your search engine ranking. So is this kind of change sensible?– ‘Yes it is because it has been estimated that by 2025 nearly 73% of the internet users will be accessing websites from their mobile phones and an unpleasant website experience is not what they will be expecting.

So make sure you start making and managing your business website mobile-friendly from today onwards. Don’t wait for the D-day to come.


The E.A.T Factor


Have you heard about it or not? If not then to grab your attention we would like to first mention that it will help your business website rank higher in Google searches. So what does E.A.T do? You can say it aids in branding your business regardless of what niche you are into. Let’s see for what it stands for:-

Expertise: now in the long-format content you are already writing in-depth material like an expert which will help you attract your customers

Authority: having an ‘authority here simply means that people look up to your website for genuine information and Google recognizes you as a business

Trustworthiness: carrying expertise and authoritative badge provides you with trustworthiness, that is, visitors know that you are an honest and accurate information provider and additionally, even the other trusted websites direct them towards your web pages

In a nutshell, one can say that E.A.T is all about Page Quality.


Significant Role of AI in SEO


Artificial intelligence is becoming a crucial element when it comes to playing a role in SEO. Although most of us are unaware of how to manipulate it and as a result, we tend to neglect it. But SEO trends in 2021 will not be complete without indulging the need for artificial intelligence.


Google’s AI algorithm known as the RankBrain was unveiled a few years back and since then it has acted as one of the main components for SERPs (search engine results pages). This AI algorithm is unique in the way that it learns by making discoveries and retrieving information from the website’s visitors on its own. So how should you improve your SEO for RankBrain? Many SEO strategists state that RankBrain takes into account time spent on your website’s page and the click-through rates. Thus for these two, you need to keep your readers engaged with your well-organized and good content.


Voice Search for Quick Answers

Virtual assistant, voice user interface, or VUIs, you can call it by any name. By 2022 voice search will become the topmost priority, thanks to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. And why are we even talking about 2022, voice commands have already become an important part of our daily lives today itself. But, how do you exploit this opportunity? To start with, you need to search for specific keywords used in daily life. Secondly, make use of longer phrases employed in everyday conversations. This way you can gather natural-sounding expressions. In the eyes of many SEO strategists, this can be one of the most beneficial SEO trends in 2021.



Day by day SEO is getting more complex but as you can see above it is an opportunity that can open many doors if handled properly. Making use of meta lines and keywords for ranking your website in Google will not be much of help now. At present, you have to follow the latest 2021 SEO trends or else you will lag behind your competitors.

Finally, to wrap it up we would like to say– make a wise choice and act per the SEO trends in 2021 to boost up your business.

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