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Top 6 Safe And Secure Photo Recovery Tools In 2021

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If you are reading this blog, there are chances that you are suffering the loss of your beautiful pictures and memories conjoined with it. Whether your photos have suffered loss through memory card, SD card, Windows computer or digital camera, you can recover them all using photo recovery tools. But the next question is which is the best photo recovery software for you and how does it help in getting back the lost photos. Well, let us help you out with the same through this blog today.

Your photos might get lost because of getting deleted accidentally, error in the device, data corruption or any other way which makes you inaccessible to the pictures. Do not worry as best photo recovery tools can manage it all smoothly.

Here Are the Best Photo Recovery Software

1. Systweak Photos Recovery

Systweak Photos Recovery is an amazing application that is easy and convenient to use and doesn’t require any technical know-how for a newbie. One can easily download this application in their computer, locate the storage device which needs to be scanned out to search deleted photos and choose the type of scan later. As the scanning type is selected, the software thoroughly finds out the photos for recovery and gets them back in the system. It happens because the original address of deleted photos is still intact somewhere inside your computer and the strong algorithm of Systweak Photos Recovery completes the whole deal.

Download here

2. Recoverit

It is another free photos recovery solution which is capable of safely recovering photos from a computer, SD card, memory card, USB flash drive, digital camera, etc. It can manage data loss situations like file corruption, photos deleted due to error, emptied recycle bin, lost partitions or virus attack. Recoverit is surely known for high recovery rate and has a very simple & smart user interface. Although the deep scanning phase may take longer time to finish, it is certainly known for best photo recovery software.

Download here

3. PhotoRec

More than just photos, PhotoRec also works on a wide range of media and they can be recovered through hard drives, USB flash, memory card, CD/DVD, etc. It may look a little complicated for once to number of people but it has capability to rescue data even from a different computer, when required. The number of file systems supported are FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS+, etc. Whether your file is severely damaged or you are looking for an affordable recovery option, PhotoRec is all you need.

Download here

4. Recuva

No matter where your files have got lost, Recuva can get them back to you as soon as you install it on your computer. Recuva is a great free photos recovery software that has the capacity to recover deleted photos from USB flash drives, memory cards, and numerous other storage devices. If your device was recently formatted or the drive was damaged due to any reasons, Recuva makes it possible for you to recover deleted photos. The tool supports full Windows OS support with more than 37 languages which make it easier for a wide array of people to download and use it.

5. Undelete 360 Photos Recovery

Designed specifically for photos recovery, Undelete 360 is known as one of the best photos recovery tools capable of retrieving lost and deleted photos very quickly. All you have to do is pick the right recovery module according to your data loss question, preview the photos and finally get them recovered. Moreover, the free version can find photos upto 200MB easily. It can even trace deleted partitions even if the partition head shows corruption.

6. Stellar Phoenix Photos Recovery

Not just your photos but other media files like audio, videos, email, etc. could all be recovered using Stellar. Be it SSD, hard drive or USB drive, you can recover photos from any source possible. Even if you have an encrypted drive, you can be sure of getting the photos back from it easily. Moreover, if your specific folder has been lost or corrupted due to any reason, get it back to your PC instantly. Also, the licensed software is capable of recovering up to 1GB of lost or deleted data.


We hope that you have found your best photos recovery tool already and now you are already on the way of retrieving pictures that were lost due to any reasons. If you ask our recommendation, we would say that Systweak Photos Recovery is definitely a good option. Apart from that, Recoverit and PhotoRec could also be tried out. Now which one is your favorite and why, share your experience and views in the comments below.


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