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Top 6 Probable Future Web Development Trends

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A new year is underway and with the arrival of every new year, we either witness the emergence of new trends or see existing trends becoming stronger by acquiring new dimensions. So, how can 2021 be any different? And since the pandemic that started in 2020 has still not ended, it is bound to have a bearing on the present and upcoming web development trends this year.    

As we take into account the present scenario and the foreseeable future, it seems the upcoming web development trends shall revolve around certain phenomena, 6 of which are mentioned below. Chances are you may get fascinated by the activities that are being and are going to be performed vis-à-vis web development and try them out. To get the same done expertly and economically, you can hire developers from India. As you rent a developer from India, you can stay rest assured that you will not miss out on any of the exciting things that are we will be discussing in this write-up. So, here we are:    


The influence of Progressive Web Apps should continue growing in the present year. PWAs offer umpteen benefits that should account for the increase in their use. The user experience that PWAs give is unmatched and with the use of mobile devices showing no signs of abating, brands should continue following this trend. 

PWAs let websites load faster and even work offline. Within a browser, they have the capability of recreating the in-app experience and allow developers to breathe easy as they are spared the trouble of building native apps for different devices. 

Creating native mobile apps takes more time than readying a conventional website, especially when you have to incorporate personalization elements.

If you are thinking of altering your desktop web application completely, you will have to do the same for mobile devices also. So, instead of building two applications, you can have your website developed as a PWA to ensure greater customer experience on mobiles.

AI Chatbots

Companies are embracing Artificial Intelligence in different areas to boost their efficiency. And customer service is one section where AI-enabled conversations can work wonders. 

A conversational chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence can ape human conversations via technologies such as deep and machine learning. As sectors like healthcare, retail, and banking adopt chatbots, they could end up saving billions in the long run.    

In the present scenario, websites carrying data related to COVID19 and new businesses are making use of chatbots to provide users with the information they are looking for.

Chatbots resolve user queries promptly courtesy cognitive intelligence and speech recognition, thereby not letting the drop-off rate to rise. However, one should not assume that they will end up substituting humans completely as people still wish to interact with people like themselves who can be considerate about their concerns. So, while going for an AI chatbot is no doubt wise, you have to formulate and implement a hybrid strategy.  

Voice Assistance

In 2021, the gap between humans and technology is narrowing as a result of voice-related functionalities such as voice enabling, voice SEO, and voice commerce. The arrival of digital voice assistant is imminent and the use of smart speakers is already running in millions. In fact, 2021 is supposed to be characterized by the use of smart speakers, voice recognition, and e-commerce based on the voice technology. These features when paired with web applications are also proving to be beneficial on the business front. 

Some of the biggest names in the business like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Nike are making a bid for fast business expansion through voice assistance. The way you command Alexa to perform different functions, you can now similarly do a product search on Amazon.

All in all, voice assistance leads to trouble-free client experience, faster access to the information available on a website, better multitasking, greater client engagement and customer loyalty, and a rise in both conversion ratio and sales.

Single page websites & applications

You would love to have everything in one place, won’t you? No waiting, no switching. It does become annoying when a click takes you to yet another web page one more time. This time-consuming process is indeed loathsome. Luckily, there is now a solution to this problem in the form of single page websites that are now becoming increasingly popular because of their smart, safe, stylish, and crisp features, not to forget simplicity, which is their biggest USP. The organizations that make them, especially startups, are required to spend less effort on their implementation and maintenance.

Visitors in general prefer to navigate less when they come looking for some information on a website. SPAs characterized by minimal wait time and instant communication are primarily designed to offer respite to this impatient lot. Single page websites allow businesses to cater to a particular target audience through limited content that holds a good chance of becoming more popular with time. Apple, Facebook, Google Drive have all jumped on this latest bandwagon.     

To sum it up, SPAs make for a great web experience as a result of fast speed and fast loading and an equally hassle-free and peculiar user experience as well. Single page websites and applications are mobile-friendly too and their proper use results in effective brand marketing and better conversion ratio.  


People had already been spending a lot of time online and now with work from home becoming the new norm and literally everything being done over the Net, business are expected to take cybersecurity more seriously.

Cyber attacks presently are on the upswing and securing company as well as customer information has become more critical than ever before. It will not be surprising to see companies do a security assessment to figure out their existing vulnerabilities besides following general security measures like installing firewalls.  

Securing remote access is also critical. Making sure employees have access to VPNs and data is encrypted in order to prevent any leakage are other concerns that will have to be addressed.

Those keen on ensuring maximum security can make certain sections of their portal or digital platform accessible to a select few and add one more layer of verification in addition to username and password. 

Motion UI

While a website no doubt has to be informative, it must also be pleasing to the eye. Consequently, user interface has been demanding so much attention that a new phenomenon by the name of motion UI has come into existence to make websites more appealing and easier to interact with.

Motion UI is meant to facilitate navigation as it tells website visitors what to do and where to go. There are visual cues and certain web applications even respond to users’ commands, resulting in a more fulfilling user experience.   

Motion UI also involves the use of simple animations for improving user experience when visitors need to wait as certain pages start loading or an error page is encountered. This way you can keep users engaged if they come across things that mar user experience. 

As mentioned before, you have the option to hire programmers in India and when you hire developers from India, they will let you catch up on other happening web development trends too like the use of 3D elements, dark mode UX, and cloud. All that we have discussed so far is by and large the prerogative of web developers. So, why not hire programmers in India and get everything done faster and much more cheaply? 


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