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Top 5 ways to improve website speed in 2022-23, WordPress performance!

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It is a common query of everyone with online presence that ‘how to improve website page speed’. WordPress performance or website speed is one of the hot topics in 2022 and it will stay trending in the years ahead because of its importance.

What is the need of speeding up your website? 

Your main concern in this regard, should have to be the search engines (like google) and how they rank websites. According to recent google policies, if your web page has a slow-loading time then it won’t be ranked as high as those with better loading speed for users even though you have better content and listing.

Some practices confirm that impatient customers do not wait longer than a few seconds when it comes to surfing the web. You can imagine low traffic and not very good business outcomes because of the people that are not willing to stay on your website while it loads.

Then how can you turn this in your favor and gradually change your online business? 

Here’s how you can improve your wordpress performance with ‘5 simple website improvement techniques in 2022’

1. Web hosting provider

WordPress hosting providers have maximum influence on your website speed. If you are powered by some cheeky and low-end hosting services, you may as well consider lagging behind as your only option. Be content with your choice of a good web hosting company and do not compromise with your website page speed in any way.

Another suggestion is how shared hosting plans can be a bit discouraging to your online platform. As the name says it’s completely shared among different consumers and you may not get the desired results that you need for your wordpress performance. It is safe to say that you should opt for Dedicated servers as the cloud hosting is not expensive like they used to be with decent technology upgrades in the past decade.

2.Lightweight framework/ WordPress theme

We come across many eye-catching websites full of dynamic elements, social icons, bigger images, slider bars, and cool widgets and much more to display. In fact, if they are not backed by a superior WordPress hosting provider these web pages will take eternity to load the content which usually is considered as a big turn-off.

Your first option is to utilize a lighter wordpress theme like the default themes offered by wordpress they are user friendly and the interface is not so glittered up. However, you can use some premium frameworks and foundations for your feature-coated website.

3. Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

CDN is as necessary as having a postman for your nearest post office. A CDN keeps multiple copies of your website information in different datacenters allocated around the world. For the sake of convenience to users that are browsing from almost every continent and trying to get speedy access on your particular website, CDN is a vast web to make sure your content is available to anyone, anywhere within as little time as possible.

Always try to make sure you’re running on services with CDN. A good web hosting provider offers these services in their protocols but they are available to purchase independently if you feel like.

4.Reduced Image Size

One of the major and core contributors in your website page loading speed are the images. 

You must ensure that the images being used on your wordpress page are not bulky and consuming as much space as they should be. 

However, reducing your image size does not mean that you can or should use blurry and bad-quality pictures in your theme. There are plug-ins and free compressors available online to minimize image size without reducing quality. Utilizing popular tools to monitor the performance of websites is essential for identifying bottlenecks and improving overall user experience, leading to higher conversion rates.

5.Database optimization | Unwanted Plug-ins

Finally getting rid of useless and junk files, plug-ins is your way to attain smooth and fast-loading wordpress site speed.

All those spam comments, fake drafts and unauthorized users have to be gone for the sake of your database cleanup. Similarly, you are supposed to uninstall old plug-ins as they eat up big chunks of space in your database forcing it to lag behind. These junky plug-ins also affect by keeping random backup files, ultimately endangering server resources with huge unwanted load on them.  

How fast does your website load?’

A well-known recommended platform GTmetrix helps you to analyze complete information of website performance and suggests changes/updates when enabled. You can perform a number of required tests that govern how fast your webpage is going to be with gtmetrix. It can be operated from multiple locations and devices to point out exactly where you are lacking with that loading-speed.


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