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Top 5 Types Of Nail Polish Every Girl Must Know

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Personality revolves around the way you dress up and the grooming techniques you adapt to. If you wish to transform your character, you might need to work on your styling skills. Along with this, try to focus on the minute yet significant grooming essentials like nail care. You must choose suitable nail polish according to your outfit as well as skin tone. When it comes to going for the right type, several factors come into play. You need to look out for the right formula, finish, color, as well as consistency. 

Here are the top nail polish types that suit versatile outfits and make you appear all-groomed. 

  1. Crème


One of the best nail polish kinds for every occasion is the creme style. It is a low-maintenance, primary type of nail polish that provides a consistent coating. Also, the nail varnish sets contain little or no additives that ensure minimal damage to the coat as well as your nails. You may choose the desired color as well as the consistency of the creme nail polish. It works on casual workdays when you want to look put together and well-groomed. 

Such nail lacquers are quite famous and available in every cosmetic outlet. Make sure to go for the neutral colors that suit every outfit and last at least a week. Not only can it save a lot of time, but it also improves your persona in no time. 

  1. Metallic

Do you like the shiny and bright nail lacquers that suit the party vibe? If yes, then metallic nail polishes may be the right choice. You can try the metallic variants that reflect the utmost luster and catch the people’s attention around you. Also, the nail type works for a high-impact look and is the perfect go-to lacquer for parties. Metallic variants blend quite well with your outfit’s tone and reflect a subtle hue. Such abilities make the nail lacquer adaptable, versatile, and ideal for a long-lasting application. 

You might consider the metallic nail hues that contain other herbal ingredients. Some options to try are the vegan and nail-boosting type of metallic polishes that improve your nail quality. Other than this, you can choose the nail lacquers with green tea or coconut oil for adequate nourishment of the nail constituents. Don’t forget to opt for the ideal metallic shade for your everyday casual outfits.

  1. Matte 


Another popular nail polish type preferred worldwide is matte nail lacquer. It reflects negligible shine and provides a consistent finish to the nail coating. Also, the matte nail lacquer is the perfect type for your holiday due to its long-lasting appeal. You may choose the matte polish or just the matte topcoat to provide an anti-lustrous finish to your nail color. Along with this, you can use the matte top-coat over your creative nail art patterns to make it last for weeks altogether. You might need to take extra precautions with the matte nail polish on your nails.

Make sure to limit your nail exposure to oily stuff like lotions, creams, or serums. In case your matte polish turns glossy, you might want to take the gloss off with some alcohol wipes. Opt for the versatile colors and fetch the authentic matte polishes for a smooth and consistent finish. 

  1. Shimmer 

Are you looking out for a nail polish type that boasts a wild vibe and works on casual days as well? If yes, then the shimmer nail polishes are your thing. It provides a fun, playful, and attractive vibe to your entire outfit. Also, the glitter variants add extra elegance to your summer holiday outfits. You can opt for the right shade according to your outfit as well as the skin tone. Not only does it enhance your personality, but it also appears quite glamorous. All you need to do is apply your favorite nail polish and add an extra coat of glitter over it. 

When it comes to removing the nail polish, it might seem to be a tedious task. This is because the glitter nail polishes include flecks that tend to stick to your nail enamel. Although, the glittery appeal is worth the extra time it takes in removing your nail polish. 

  1. Gel 


Gel coating is quite trendy due to the visual appeal as well as the attractive finish it provides. The nail polish type is quite long-lasting and has minimal chances of chipping. Also, the nail polish type is suitable for both casual as well as party outfits. You can choose the color and shade of your gel extensions according to the kind of outfits you prefer. Along with this, the UV light exposure sets the gel coating and prevents it from scratching. In case you wish to get more length, then gel extensions are your go-to nail lacquer type. 

The Bottom Line

Nail care should be a crucial part of your daily beauty routine due to its efficacy in boosting your personality. You can transform your attire by applying quick yet appealing nail polish. Also, you need to research the available nail polish types and choose the one that suits your needs. While the creme nail polish is quite basic and easy to apply, the gel extensions provide more length to your natural nails. You must consider every feature of the nail lacquers before choosing the ideal one for your nails. With the nail polish type that suits your personality, you appear well-groomed and chic.


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