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Top 5 Tips For Creating The Next Chapter In Life

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Endings are never easy and that’s why we need to learn how to move into next chapters of life. Knowing how to re-invent yourself, process feelings of loss and overcome challenges and fear will ensure you make the most out of every phase of re-inventing yourself.

Most likely you have endured major endings in some area of your life. Endings happen when we graduate, change jobs, ending relationships, relocate and with the death of a loved ones.

Whatever the circumstances might be, it’s often hard to say ‘good-bye’ to a familiar way of being or thinking. We desperately cling on to feelings, patterns, old habits and relationships not realizing they are often draining, blocking and limiting us from receiving blessings in our future. Without knowing what’s ahead in the future, the uncertainty of not knowing what lies ahead is stressful.

Crossing The Bridge

Crossing the bridge to the next chapter can feel like a ‘mini-death’ and can be less difficult with support and compassionate, expert guidance. In order to have authentic joy and abundance in our life, change cannot be avoided and we must be able to adapt to continuous flux that spins the wheel of life.

Resisting changes only creates blocks in your natural creative flow and interrupts your abundance. Being open to allow new energies and influences into your life creates shifts so you can expand, grow and experience something new.

With life always changing, we can Helps Women Re-Invent The Next Chapter of Their Lives  have an infinite number of new chapters in our lives. It all depends on when you’re willing to let something go, and when you’re willing to step in a new direction.

#1. Release Pain From Your Past

Once you’ve been triggered for your next chapter in life, it’s time to create a new you. Your deeply rooted fears, hopes, dreams, fantasies and nightmares will never go away. The secret is to acknowledge them and release the hidden patterns and behavior keeping you stuck and stopping you from embracing a newer version of yourself.

#2. Pay Attention To Signs

All of our experiences have hidden gems of wisdom and lessons that helped us get to this point and continue to guide us. Being able to recognize and paying attention to the lessons buried inside experiences are key to moving forward. Pay attention to physical clues—like having butterflies in my stomach or having a hard time sleeping. Ask yourself, “why you are having a significant reaction to a situation?”

Pay attention to your emotions and ask yourself, “why you are upset or happy or fearful?”

Pay attention and tune into seeming coincidences in your day like, “I just said that.” or “I had those very same thoughts yesterday. And, now I heard the same idea on the radio.” The message is trying to tell you something.

#3. Reconnect With Your Dreams

What have you always wanted to do? Too often our future plans are overly influenced by other people’s input—the best friend who begs you to join her start-up or the father who desperately wants a grandkid. These external pressures can detach us from our core values and separate us from our true passion. “If you don’t go through a process of self-discovery and uncovering long forgotten dreams but just accept others’ decisions, 10 years later you might find yourself saying, ‘That’s NOT me!'”

#4. Get Support for Creating Your New Life

What I learned from years of upgrading transformational intuitive life coach  and re-inventing myself is that once you experience “better or new,” you don’t want to go back to the old way of living. Being excited and motivated is exhilarating, but if we don’t clear out the old patterns, we are blocked from embracing a newer version of ourselves. Most often, it’s unseen and hidden blocks keeping us from embracing our new vision and taking action. That’s why it’s so crucial to get support from a mentor who can assist you in expanding your mindset, changing your inner programming and to align with your new vision.

#5. Say “No” to Someone/Something That No Longer Fits

Learning to say “no” is a powerful step feeling real freedom. Imagine if you take the time to go through a drawer and say “no” to a couple dozen items. Then what happens is every day when you open the drawer, you feel more relieved and less cluttered with nagging thoughts like, “It’s so messy,” or like, “This top looks worn out, but I love how it fits me. Should I keep it or throw out?”

Then, start saying “no” to people in your life by going through your list of contacts and social media. Unplugging and pushing the delete button creates more time, energy and space for the people and things that validate your whole-hearted worth. “YES!”

If this resonates with you, and you’re ready to discuss your situation and receive support, I’m opening a few spots in my private coaching program this month and I’m happy to explore if we’re a good fit to work together. Simply click and briefly share the challenges you’re facing.



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