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TOP 5 most popular types of Vape 2021

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New users of e-cigarettes often favor Vape because it can create thick smoke, and the original oil taste is quite delicious. Vape has many different lines from cheap to expensive. Here are the 5 most popular types of vape 2021.

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Kit

Aegis Boost possesses an outstandingly powerful design. This Vape tree is equipped with an intelligent Asia chipset that improves the smoke quality. The machine is made from sturdy zinc alloy. 

Aegis Boost has a durable 2200mA battery capacity, increasing usage time. This Vape line also has some safety features such as water and shock resistance. The 80w suction power makes the Geekvape Aegis a small but satisfying model. This is not a bad suggestion from Geekvape.

Aleader Orbit 100W Box Mod

The Aleader Orbit Box Mod impresses with 100 watts of power. You will be immersed in the wonderful smoke. The advantage of the Aleader Orbit 100W Box Mod is quite soft suction, medium mellow taste. Suitable for people who like a lot of smoke. 

Asvape Gabriel Choice 80W TC Box Mod

Asvape has affirmed its leading position when it has launched a variety of well-priced vapes with many interesting features. Asvape Gabriel Choice owns an impressive design. The body motifs create an attraction, you will be delighted by these delicate and beautiful details. The device uses a safe 18650 battery, and when it sucks, it is quite healthy, not up to delicious. This will be a great choice for beginners to use Vape but do not know what to buy

Voopoo Drag 2 177W Starter Kit

Voopoo has never disappointed in its product lines. Voopoo Drag 2 version with a capacity of 177w is extremely powerful. This is a beautiful vape with a great ability to smoke. The machine is also equipped with an anti-scratch and anti-fading feature. This quality low-cost vape is perfect for adding to your Vape collection. You will definitely love the flavors that Voopoo Drag 2 has to offer. 

Vape Box 80w by Ovancl

The 80w by ovancl vape box used to be popular in 2019. Up to now, this is still the choice of the majority of new Vape users. The first advantage to mention when it comes to this model is the cheap price. You can hardly find a Vape line with many features, state-of-the-art technology that has a soft price like the Vape Box by Ovancl. The power of 80w can create thick, bold, delicious smoke. Machine material is a sturdy aluminum alloy carefully selected. The machine also has a smart chip, a superior machine protection system. In particular, the battery capacity up to 2200mAh is really great for those who are busy, afraid to charge the battery. 0.3 ohm incinerator makes smoke thicker, tastes better. Currently, you can enjoy smoking in a variety of wattages ranging from 30w-80w.

Where to have the best Vape Deals?

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