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Top 5 Killer SEO Tips For Beginners

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A blogger will never be able to learn the ins and outs of SEO, and the more one learns the more successful they will be. I read many blog posts about SEO. But got a few sites they are talking about SEO Tips for Beginners. That’s why I think I will write simple content easy to learn about basic SEO. Believe me, in the past 6 months I have learned SEO tips from every blog site I visited. Suppose you just started. You can’t be very technical at this point. Therefore, you should start with the ABC of it. I will teach you how to do it here. Learn these basic SEO tips immediately if you are a beginner.

1) Impressive Post Titles

Make sure you make your post titles very catchy and appealing whenever you write a new post. People don’t like posts with very dull and boring titles. Here’s an example – A killer title for this post would be “Top 5 Killer SEO Tips For Beginners” and a dull one like “Some SEO Tips.” Include some catchy headings in your post title. Here it is “Top 5 Killer”. Google returns thousands of results every time you search, but do you actually view all of them. In fact, you will only visit those that seem to offer good information and that appeal to your sense of style.

2) Use Social Media

As a beginner, Social Media is crucial for improving SEO. Anybody can handle this task since it’s not very complex. Take advantage of every social media site that you can get your hands on. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, and especially Google+. Since people spend more time on Social Sites than they do on the streets, target the audience where you find more people with your brand name. You can increase your rankings in Search Engines when it brings huge traffic to your site.

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3) Linking Pages

One of the best examples you can observe is Wikipedia. Do you know how the posts on their site are interlinked within the related posts? The reason for this is that their site has a low bounce rate, meaning that visitors only view one page on their site. You can compare the results yourself by connecting the posts among each other. If you follow this suggestion, you can keep viewers on your website for longer times. Make sure that people can easily see popular posts by including a widget below every post of your site or in the sidebar. The information provided here will be extremely helpful.

4) Use SiteMaps

Sitemaps help with search engine optimization as they give the search engines a map of your website, making it easier for them to index each page. WordPress Platform has many plugins which can help you accomplish this task easily. SiteMap XML is my favorite and I use it right now. So go ahead and create a sitemap for your website, and submit it to Google through their Webmaster Tools section.

5) Write Guest Posts

Guest posts can help you both to increase traffic to your site and to build some backlinks. Due to the fact that you just started, you might not get many views initially. You will surely get a backlink by writing guest posts for some big sites, and the second benefit is that people might visit your own site from the post if they enjoyed it. In the past, I have contributed to many blogs and I can assure you that just a single post over there had significantly increased traffic to my site.

The following SEO tips for beginners will help you if you are just starting out with your online business. Feel free to leave a comment if you believe I missed something. This content will not help too much for intermediate-level SEO experts who are researching to learn the best SEO tips and tricks in 2021. Just believe that Google’s search algorithm continuously changing every year minimum of 500-600 times. So it’s not so easy to find all the essential tricks to learn from one site.

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