Top 5 JavaScript Chat Libraries and Templates

Chats and messengers increase users’ interest in the site. With the help of online chats customers may get immediate information about the products they are looking for, they can instantly make an order or receive a quick consultation from technical support. We can use JavaScript chat libraries for this.

The main requirements for a convenient chat tool include:

  1. correct displaying of the messages on any device
  2. no page updating to send and get messages
  3. possibility to send images, emoticons, stickers, audio messages, etc.

Developers can write a code for the chat themselves after searching for online guidelines and video tutorials. That is to say, creating a messenger from scratch is not an option, there are ready-made components available for the developers in various JS libraries and frameworks.

There are numerous pros of exploiting fully-fledged chat/messenger components:

  1. the solution is created and tested for you by a team of experts
  2. the technical support and online community are ready to help with any issues
  3. there is a significant advancement in time and energy resources

In this overview, we have made a list of the most commonly used chat/messenger components.


You have probably seen their widget in the bottom right corner of many sites. The project fits any e-commerce business as well as online trading via Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook. The solution supports any device. Besides, it is translated into 20 languages, so no issues with localization will arise. You can visit Offshore Software Development page, if you are interested in reading more about offshoring.

There is a possibility to make video calls.
Setting callbacks and chatbots will help with the automatization of routine requests.
The feature of file transferring allows us to quickly share information.
Jivo Team Chat is a great way to connect team members working remotely.
Real users often stay dissatisfied with the quality of the technical support and the staff’s general responsiveness.


This is a chat API with pre-built UI for web and mobile apps. The UI is highly customizable and the code for the chat is short, which makes the product very user-friendly. TalkJS offers messengers for marketplaces, education, HR spheres, and virtual events.

Real-time messaging features include setting channels, groups, and topics; typing, reading, and online presence indicators.
Pre-built customizable UI.
TalkJS themes allow you to set the design, change fonts, colors, borders, etc.
Well-developed notification system supports push, email, SMS, desktop notifications.

Webix Chat

A ready-to-use widget that can operate independently or be built into any environment. Being part of the Webix Library eco-environment, it perfectly fits all the other widgets, which provides developers with a heck of various components for creating even a complex product.

Possibility to create chat rooms, channels, and manage the list of contacts.
Audio and video calls are available.
Frontend and backend integration with most popular platforms.
The solution may be not as comprehensive as others, but it deals with the most common tasks of a chat/messenger widget and is ideal for smaller projects.

Stream Chat

The chat API empowers you to create customizable chat messaging.  It is also convenient to use inside a team. Besides, a live stream chat service is available to engage the audience and enable real-time messaging.

Built-in emoticons, giphy, and reactions.
Setting channel permissions and monitoring safety and security regulations.
Possibility to connect millions of users to the live streams.
Easily scalable solution.


A fully managed chat infrastructure for mobile apps and websites. The spheres of the appliance include online marketing, live streaming, digital health, gaming, and on-demand services.

The API allows developers to build modern chats with delivery receipts, offline messaging, presence, translation, moderation tools, and analytics.
Video calls are included in functionality.
Auto translation and data export are provided.

Templates are widely used to perform the functions of the most common apps. They are ready-made structures that can be filled with any required contents and built into any environment or used independently.  In this overview we will look at the most powerful templates, that can come in handy in various business spheres.

Quickbase for Training Management

This is an application development platform that allows teams to cooperate on joint projects. The platform helps to build an ecosystem of applications with a possibility to scale.
Education is the sphere where Quickbase will show its best. With the help of Quickbase, it is possible to create training management software that will unite students and their managers and coordinate the training process.

  1. Various access rights allow managing who can view and make changes to the information provided in the tool.
  2. Managers see the progress of their teams, interactive charts allow to estimate the current performance.
  3. Teams can view the reports, upload and download the information.
  4. There are tables with all the necessary data on the ongoing courses.
  5. There is a possibility to set automatic processes that will be caused by the defined triggers.
  6. Dashboards of the assigned roles show the access rights of the users with the possibility to make changes.

The platform is a great assistant that allows you to reduce the paper-based document flow and to have all the certifications and compliance awards of students in one place.

Betty Blocks for Reservation Tools

This is one more platform that offers opportunities for building complex applications without coding.

  1. A convenient reservation tool is something you can create fast and enjoy using immediately.
  2. The tool will be automatically integrated with Google calendar. All you need to do is to find a preferred time slot.
  3. The guests of the event will receive automatic invitations generated by the application.
  4. The application is simple and clear in its functions.
  5. Bright colors add liveliness to the general looks of the tool.
  6. The domain where the tool can be used is wide. It comprises anything connected with reservations. Whenever you need to book something, Betty Blocks will make it for you fast and effectively.

Azure for IoT Solutions

Another platform for fast and easy development. Web UI allows connecting users all around the world, to create access rights for them, and to share and customize data. On the other hand, The application templates on this platform can be either generic or more specific. If you need an industry-focused template, it will be related to:

  1. retail
  2. energy
  3. government
  4. healthcare.

Applications based on the templates from Azure work with various devices, collect data from them, and arrange that data in a customizable way.

  1. Gathering the information from the IoT sensors to check the conditions of the shipment.
  2. Monitoring the performance of the distribution center through the connected cameras. Such a solution will allow to track the orders effectively, and automatically identify faulty goods.
  3. Solar panels monitoring to check their energy-generating potential and connection status online.

DHTMLX for KPI Tracking

DHTMLX offers various business templates which can be used in hotel management, the education sphere, and hospital management. KPI tracking systems will help with monitoring sales activity and performance.

So, Charts show the number of deals per year, as well as the number of calls and messages sent to the customers by each sales representative.

With the system, it is possible to make calculations related to the deal size, to compare the number of products sold.

The KPI tracking system from DHTMLX provides a nice opportunity to start tracking the key indicators of your business and to make immediate enhancements in performance.

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Webix JavaScript Templates for Common Tasks

Webix JS library made a whole catalog of templates for various needs. All the templates are ready-made application UIs. To start using any of them you just need to download the source code. Here we can see a list of just some templates offered by the Webix developers:

Taskboard based on the Kanban tool. It helps to visualize the working process, to assign tasks and resources.

Budget tracker for managing personal finances.

POS terminal template for the e-commerce marketplace with a list of purchases, prices, and descriptions.

The list of the templates included in the catalog is extensive. There is a convenient tool for any general-purpose java application.


We have managed to make a list of various types of templates. Because, there are more solutions on the market, but we tried to choose the most functional and convenient ones. With this overview, you can see which business web applications can benefit from using the templates.

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