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Top 5 front-end frameworks to consider while developing a web App

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There will always be wars among businesses to grab the attention of more customers. Reaching buyers through offline strategies like direct sales, tradeshows, etc, is no more effective. A single persuasive web App is a powerful tool for a business to become successful. 

However, you may wonder how to develop such an influential web App. The key is providing the best UI/UX with innovative designs and sleek performance. Besides, delivering a smooth user experience is also crucial. 

Earlier, there aren’t many third-party tools and libraries. Hence, many developers faced issues of modularity, highly complex code. And they have to spend more time improving basic functionality. Nowadays, the app development industry witnesses the blooming of many useful technologies. The introduction of front-end frameworks helped developers to overcome these struggles. 

Why Front-end frameworks 

Front-end frameworks are a useful tool when it comes to building complex user interfaces. It is mainly a group of tools & libraries that can be employed to speed up development. Moreover, they will help you to create a modular, maintainable architecture. 

This architecture assists in creating applications smoother as well as faster. Besides, developers can achieve the following with the help of front-end frameworks. 

  • Maintain the code effectively 
  • Enhance code organization 
  • Allow code reusability 
  • Implement good design patterns 
  • Emphasize component-driven development 

Creating a high-performing web App with innovative features is not an easy task. Therefore, developers use these frameworks to make it simple as possible. Check out this blog to know all about the working of web Apps

Top Five Front End Frameworks in 2021 

There’s always a challenge of selecting the best front-end framework for your projects. Since this decision will significantly impact the overall development, you have to choose wisely. Plus, the front end is the area in which visitors see and interact directly. I have listed five top frameworks based on their competency and capability.  

1. JQuery 

This is one of the most popular web frameworks right now. This JavaScript library provides many tools that make the job of a developer easier. Besides, it is small, fast, and feature-rich. It streamlines many tasks during development including, 

  • JavaScript logic 
  • DOM traversal 
  • Manipulation 
  • Event handling 
  • Animations 
  • Data logic 
  • Ajax calls 

Moreover, jQuery offers great documentation, tutorials. And, it enjoys a strong open-source community. 

2. Bootstrap 

Released in the year 2011, Bootstrap is one of the leading open-source frameworks. It comes with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components. Using Bootstrap, creating responsive web design becomes easy. Plus, it enables to build simple to complex responsive sites. 

Additionally, Bootstrap consists of Sass variables and mixins, a responsive grid system. Plus, it has comprehensive pre-built components and robust JavaScript plugins. Besides, it also offers CSS and JavaScript-based templates. These can be utilized to construct typography, forms, buttons, navigation, etc. 

3. Angular 

Angular’s source language is TypeScript. It is a modified version of AngularJS and developed by Google. The following features are what make it ideal for App development. 

  • Components are swifter to replace, handle, and scale up. Plus, those components are independent and self-sufficient 
  • Since it uses TypeScript, we can expect expressive code, better-quality product, and improved navigation 
  • Enjoys a massive community of developers worldwide. 
  • Rapid prototyping made effective  

Additionally, Angular is reusable and test-friendly. Also, it is suitable for progressive web apps as well as enterprise-based Apps.

4. Vue.js 

Vue.js was made public in February 2014. It is highly flexible and is quick to incorporate into different libraries. The significant benefits it offers include, 

  • It is quite lightweight and allows detailed documentation 
  • Developers can utilize several components to build fully functional single-page applications 
  • Encourages code reusability and doesn’t need any extra libraries. And, it has its own browser dev tools extensions 
  • Simple integration with existing projects 

Besides, Vue.js has a simple syntax, hence creating dynamic user interfaces is made easy. 

5. Ember.js 

Ember.js is an open-source JavaScript framework based on the MVVM architecture. Additionally, it is also known as a client-side framework that aids in building robust web Apps. Yehuda Katz created this framework back in 2011. The main benefits it provides include, 

  • Better productivity to the developers by rendering a standard application architecture. Further, it enjoys a build pipeline 
  • Pluggable architecture and 3500+ add-ons to improve the development process 
  • Two-way data-binding 
  • Inspector development tool for Firefox and Chrome browsers 

 Moreover, Ember.js is best suited for faster prototyping and handling dependencies. Thanks to its tailor-made properties for rendering the page. 

However, some frameworks are tricky to work with. They require intense knowledge of the technical aspect of how a framework operates. Also, only a developer with a good amount of experience and skills can attain the best results. That’s why hiring an excellent web App development company like Soft Suave is necessary. This way you need not worry about poor performance and the risk of the application being crashed. 

Final thoughts 

Although things like the project’s requirement, flexibility, and features play a vital role in selecting a framework. The above-stated front-end frameworks will be a good choice for any type of web app development. Yet the list doesn’t stop here, there are many reliable frameworks outside this list. But I find these to be truly innovative.


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