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Top 5 Features Of Best Immigration Consultant For Students Applying Abroad

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Students applying abroad for studies or any other purpose need the guidance of a professional immigration consultant, but do you know what are the best features of a legit immigration consultant to look for? If not, let us guide you.

Be it for moving abroad for permanent residence or simply studying, every student needs to go through the immigration process. These processes are quite tiresome, and managing everything single-handedly is impossible! In such cases of immigration, consultants are working to make this journey less hectic for you. But, to identify the Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi, it must have things in common.

5 Best Features Of The Best Immigration Consultant

To select a proper immigration consultant that can provide you the right guidance and assist you in your journey, here are the top 5 features to look for to select an immigration consultant:

  1. A Trustworthy Portfolio

A legal or authorized immigration company must have the basics organized, including accreditation, a proper office building, reputation, etc. These matters will help you understand the authenticity of the services that they are offering to provide.

As moving abroad might be a life-changing decision for you, we want you to take no risk. With these immigration companies, there’s a lot of funding included; thus, ensure that the consultancy you’re opting for is recognized and registered with the native government and immigration regulatory body of the country you’re moving to.

  • Background & Success Rate

This step or the feature of a legitimate immigration consultancy is necessary to be checked by you. As a would-be immigrant, make sure that the consultancy you’re choosing has a great background & success rate. Do your research, go through all the reviews, also seek opinions of people who opted for the same consultancy. If everything the consultancy offers works out for you, you can book an appointment with them.

In such a case, note that a minimum of 3 years of experience in the immigration business is required to have by the consultancy for you to trust them completely.

  • Provides Transparent Guidance

This is an essential aspect of a proper immigration consultancy to be 100% real about the deals and is clear about their services’ competency and affordability. If the immigration consultancy or the consultant is willing to co-operate with you about your queries, you can partially trust them.

Furthermore, in this session, gather information about their credentials, registration, package rate, and experience in this field. If their answers feel convincing to you, then only be forward in the process.

  • Doesn’t Make Unnecessary Promises

The Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi will never make unrequired promises or deals to you. This is another feature by which you can identify a true consultant in this field. If it’s a proper consultancy, they will give you a schedule to follow and won’t hold your documents in the process just to bag their money. Hence, make sure they tick this point.

  • Conduct Legitimate Refund Policies

The last and most important step. This feature will give you the right impression of whether or not the consultancy is fraud or legit. For those whose application gets rejected from abroad, you must obtain a consultant that offers you refunds. If not full coverage, but half at least. That’s all that is required of you to remember about an immigration consultant before opting for them. Hopefully, this would help you to get the right immigration consultant.


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