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Top 4 Best Chatbots for Higher Education 2021

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Momentarily, 1.4 billion people use chatbots. Enterprises are launching their most helpful AI chatbots for 1 to 1 conversations with consumers and workers. Such AI-powered chatbots also assist in automating several tasks, including trades and marketing, customer assistance, and managerial and operational duties. As the need for chatbot software has erupted, the market for firms catering to chatbot technology has become harder to operate as competition increases, and various companies pledge to do the same. However, not all AI chatbots are made similar.

In the current year, as we can see that there are numerous advantages of employing an artificially intelligent chatbot, particularly in the higher education sector. The best chatbots for higher education can rush enrollment processes, enhance retention, and help learners succeed. There is an increase in student engagement with the implication of chatbots. It improves the learning experience without a CRM review. The use of virtual assistants over fellow students helps in taking their attendance and retention of first-time learners. Also, at last, they can answer common questions remotely during the ongoing pandemic.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an AI text or voice-based interactive interface where characters can voice their needs or problems using voice or text instructions. In some instances, chatbots encourage human interaction and also, these chatbots can have a whole discussion with a consumer as long as the questions and answers follow a rubric. In short, they process the data provided to them and reply using a pre-programmed script.

Chatbots are also generally understood as conversational agents, automated chatbots, or virtual assistants and get promoted by some of the largest tech companies in the market. IBM, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are encouraging chatbots. And also how they can revolutionize everyday activities in supporting higher education institutions to communicate with their students.

The chatbot online course gives a hands-on introduction that teaches everything you need to understand to plan, build, test, analyze and implement your initial chatbot. By restraining the power of artificial intelligence in Watson Assistant (formerly Conversation), one can design a chatbot without writing any code. It also makes you learn how to execute your chatbot on WordPress-based websites. If you want to learn this fast-growing technology, install a chatbot on your website, or raise revenue by creating chatbots for clients. Certified Chatbot Developer is the application for growing in a chatbot developer field & designing meaningful chatbots. This certification let people test their understanding of chatbot programming – how they get initiated and developed. By the end of the chatbot course, the chatbot developer knows how to design the chatbot from scratch and interpret real-world difficulties for their users.

How can chatbots be applied in higher education?

Almost all University offices are undergoing an expansion in inbound communications. With chatbots, regular higher education staff members can comfortably feel like call centre operators are attempting to keep up with the need for information. Incoming students, faculty, and parents often ask several questions about enrollment or even clarification on how a person can enrol in new courses.

So, below you can have a look at the top 4 Best Chatbots for Higher Education.

Drift’s Mongoose Harmony

Mongoose Harmony is an intelligent virtual assistant and chatbot designed mainly for higher education applications to help meet the rising demand for access. This chatbot promotes higher education institutions to meet the requirement of the younger generation. It can also quickly direct website visitors to the right staff with relevant content.

If one is tired of hiring call centre staff who end up answering the same question always, it might be time to learn a little more about how Drift can help turn a website into an easy to use information and answer centre.

Amazon’s QnA Bot

Amazon’s artificial intelligence bot that uses Amazon Alexa and Amazon Lex presents a conversational platform where students can smoothly ask questions and gather information. It also lets students get quick access to institutional answers that provide immense value during the enrollment process. Like other various AI chatbots, this bot empowers educational institutions to add characteristics and functionality. It also provides a platform for learners to provide feedback.

IBM Watson

Watson has been developed as an advanced immersive chatbot by universities from the UK to Europe to the USA. IBM Watson uses a technology named as the Watson Conversation Service to simplify student responses, download and deliver documents when required, and answer topic-specific problems. It also appreciates the advantages of a virtual assistant and has found an efficient way to optimize the system for application in higher education. IBM’s cognitive program and Watson chat service work flawlessly and make the chatbot development process easy for anyone.

HubSpot’s HubBot

HubBot is an artificially intelligent chat service much related to other companies Bots. In extension to having the ability to answer fundamental questions using a preloaded script, it can also schedule meetings, integrate with your existent HubSpot CRM, and pursue communications in an easy-to-filter way.

This bot automates discussions and arrives authentically, almost as if the solutions get delivered via live human interaction. It has tried to make the user experience with HubBot as natural as possible. Students and staff will appreciate how easy the process can be.


There is no comprehensive answer for the most effective higher education chatbot tool. It depends on the budget, goals and other initiatives of the business. The HubSpot chatbot tool for schools currently using HubSpot CMS and CRM is best used for student recruitment by helping considered students quickly find content, sources, and selection meetings.

A tool like Mongoose is a good option for signup teams working with chatbots for the first time. The industry knowledge and ongoing support can help provide room for improvement and retaining the bot. On the other hand, every user’s chatbot gets uniquely designed as it requires one to foretell the questions that users will request. It can make it more difficult to develop clear chat flow paths for proposed students to find the content but more flexible to manage challenging and complex questions.


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