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Top 3 Bike and Car Horn brands India

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Do you remember the last time you were struggling to pass through dense traffic when you were already late for a meeting?

Imagine how it would have been if there were no horns on your vehicle.

Indeed, making your way through the traffic would have been all the more difficult and annoying.

Now you realise the importance of that pair of horns on your car or bike.

This guide will help you choose a durable horn that is most suitable for your vehicle and your driving conditions. Read on!

Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Car or Bike Horns

Here are a few things you want to consider when trying to pick a horn model from the enormous variety of car and bike horns available on the internet:

  • Sound volume

The first thing to consider is the sound volume of the bike or car horn.

Different horn models will produce a sound of different decibel volume and frequency.

You can refer to an unboxing video on the internet to check the sound volume of the horn you are planning to buy.

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  • Sound quality

While sound volume should be loud enough to help you quickly make other individuals on the road aware of your presence, the sound quality also matters.

You want a horn with a loud yet pleasant sound that would not startle or annoy your fellow drivers or passersby on the road.

  • State regulations

Different states can have different regulations for the limit of horn volume.

Installing a horn with volume beyond the permissible limit can cost you a hefty fine and in worst cases, even land you in jail.

It is advisable to check your state regulation if you are planning to purchase a super loud horn for your car or bike.

  • Built quality

This is another essential factor to consider when choosing a car or bike horn as you don’t want yourself to spend money on a new horn after every six months.

Hence, do make sure to go through the reviews of the horn you want to purchase to know if it lasts as long as it should.

  • All-weather performance

A good quality horn will be robust enough to withstand the different weather conditions of the Indian climate.

Also, the horn built should also be sturdy so it can survive through the bumpy rides on the Indian roads.

  • Price

This is another important factor to consider, especially if you’re shopping with a budget constraint.

Luckily, there are many brands in India that offer dependable quality of bike and car horns at quite reasonable prices.

  • Design

If you are passionate about decorating your car or bike with stylish and elegant accessories, then you also want to consider the design of the horn.

The silver grill design of car or bike horns is a very popular design that looks super sporty and fashionable, and it even perfectly complements the paintwork of most automobiles.

  • Size

If you are unsure about the size of horns that you need for your bike or car, you can choose a size slightly smaller than the one that has come factory-installed on your vehicle.

It is easier to install a small size horn than a bigger horn.

  • Installation process

If you are a DIY person who enjoys repairing your car or bike yourself, then probably you would want to install the horn by yourself.

If that is the case, you should consider the ease of installation of the horn set you are intending to purchase.

However, most horn models these days are quite easy to mount without any help of special mechanical tools or skills.

Best-Selling Horn Brands in India

Although the internet is quite stuffed with fake and counterfeit products, there are still some brands that offer value for money.

Here are the best three brands for long-lasting horns in the country:

  • Roots

Roots Industries Limited is a brand that has its roots in India as it was innovated in our country.

This brand has now established itself as the first largest manufacturer of horns in the entire world.

Their horns are one of the most reliable cars and bike horns in the country.

  • Bosch

The Bosch brand is established as a household name for auto parts and accessories of dependable quality. Their product range includes vehicular horns, wiper blades, oil filters, brake pads, engine oil, headlights, etc.

  • UNO Minda

UNO Minda is another trendy brand for premium quality horns in the country.

UNO Minda produces top-notch quality, super long-lasting, loud horns at the most reasonable prices in the country.


So, here was the guide for choosing the best horn for your bike or car.

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I hope you enjoyed the article. Have a wonderful day ahead.


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