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Top 12 Integral Apps in iPhone

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There are several incredible apps that iOS offer on iPhone and other devices. These apps hold exceptional features and advanced UI and UX designs. Some of these apps are inbuilt and the others can easily be downloaded by Play Store or Apple Store. Most of their features and free and they also offer premium versions that can be purchased for more enhanced options and app performance. The best iPhone app development company are named below.

1. Widget smith

This is specially designed for iPhone users to customize their screen looks in the manner they want. It provides an easier way to manage all the features, widgets, and icons of other applications in a cool and organized pattern. It allows users to set wallpapers, add pictures and highlight quotes on their screens and give their phone an enhanced and attractive look.

2. Libby

This app allows users to get eBooks and AudioBooks for free. They may read these books online as well as subscribe to them for an offline version. A user can search a variety of books on Libby. It seems like a customized online library that gives access to the literature of the whole world.

3. Paprika Recipe Manager

People watch cooking shows on television and search for new recipes on YouTube but Paprika Recipe Manager provides the users’ feasibility to cook their food with the recipe of their own choice within a single screen. They can search, watch, pause, rewind, and download the recipes directly through this app. It holds the recipes of a variety of dishes belonging to diverse regions and cultures.

4. Venmo

This app is designed for iOS but can be used on any device too along with iPhone. It is an online payment app used for billing and rents. Many billing mobile apps deduct a specific amount as text from both depositor and receiver’s account but Venmo makes the experience easier and does not take any fees or extra charges when the payment is done between two iOS.

5. Fantastical

It seems like a simple calendar mobile app but it has some unique features that distinguish it from ordinary calendar apps. It automatically detects and saves the location and time whenever the user sets a new date and event. It gives reminders for upcoming events and also sends announcements for international days and important occasions.

6. Sleep Cycle

It detects your sleeping time and awakes with an automatic alarm when you have optimized the required sleeping hours.

7. Otter

It is a voice recording app that allows users to record and save it to a cloud network. In this way, its data engages no space in phone space. Its freemium version allows a 40-minute recording at a time and has a limit of 600 minutes per month.

8. Spotify

It is a worthwhile music app that is widely used by iPhone users that allows them to search, play and download music and extract new and latest songs from the remote corners of the world. The users may create different playlists and albums according to their preferences and priorities.

9. DEVONthink

It’s an app for iOS and Android users that can scan hard copies of documents and convert them into PDFs. You may use it for office use and it can also be utilized by the students for their assignments and other academic requirements.

10. Day One

This digital Notebook can be used as a secret diary. You may take important notes and save particular information in this app. It allows the users to set a password to open their note locker. People belong to different ages and different jobs use it for diverse purposes.

11. AirDroid

This app is closely similar to Snapchat. It allows the users to share pictures, videos, short clips, and many other types of files and documents. It offers inbuilt filters and can create albums to hold your memories forever.

12. Photo math

This app is an amazing innovation in the iOS world. It helps the students to solve math problems easily. The users can capture the page where the sum is written and this app opens a detailed solution having multiple steps to illustrate the question.


These are the foremost iOS apps that are highly acclaimed and used worldwide. There are several more apps that play a vital role in iPhone and other iOS with their integral features and robust performance.


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