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Top 10 things to do in Dubai’s Desert

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A desert safari in Dubai is an once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  The vast Arabian desert, its rich experiences amid dunes, and various engaging activities make it all the more popular. Choose from various photographic trips, an adventurous desert safari, or a night safari in the chilly desert. Dubai night safari displays the best Arabian nights and is well worth a try, with thrilling rides, Arabian music, and exquisite food.

Desert safari in Dubai offers a variety of activities, including picture-perfect mornings and colourful nights. We’ve talked about how to make the most out of your days on a desert safari Dubai.

1 Quad Biking

You must include this adventure on your bucket list if you enjoy cycling or driving. Quad riding in Dubai necessitates complying with the challenging terrain driving criteria of the instructors. This is a relatively tricky method.

While riding across the desert’s deadly dunes, you’ll be protected and able to track your programmed quad bike. Before you get the hang of it, riding these quad bikes will have your heart racing and bring out your daring side.

  • Morning Desert Safari

The morning desert safari Dubai is excellent for people who want to view the city’s spectacular lights in the evenings. If the weather permits, the safari is offered all year; however, the mornings might be freezing. The safari’s attractions include sand boarding, buggy rides, and camel rides, to name a few.

The morning safari is a great way to learn about the country’s deserts and lasts about 5-6 hours. While riding over the dunes will make your heart race, the outdoor activities will get you in the holiday spirit!

  • Overnight Desert Safari

In Dubai, the overnight desert safari takes place in the middle of the night. It provides more possibilities as well as a clear sky for spectacular astronomy. Late-night dune riding adds a romantic and adventurous edge to the experience.

It’s a relaxing experience to stand in the centre of the Arabian Desert. In the late hours of the night, this beautiful landscape is a haven of peace and tranquillity. The overnight desert safari would begin with a delicious BBQ supper and a desert dune adventure.

  • Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

A desert safari Dubai and a BBQ lunch should be included in any trip to Dubai. The trip will take approximately six hours. Dune bashing, camel swings, carriage rides, henna modelling stands, belly dance, and spectacular entertainment are among the attractions.

The desert trips offered by Dubai are fascinating. You’d be astonished to learn how excellent desert cuisine can be. They also have Shisha cabins where you can relax while soaking in the lively atmosphere of the town.

  • Evening Desert Safari

If you want to remember something for the rest of your life, this is a must-do activity. Suppose you’re planning a trip to Dubai, including an evening safari in your schedule. The first trip, which takes place near a camel farm and begins in the afternoon, will require you to relax. Take a camel ride and sand board while watching the sunset over the desert ocean.

Try a beautiful henna pattern on your hands and feet. Enjoy fantastic BBQ and shisha while enjoying a happy mood. At the campsite, a belly dancer performing Arabic music can be observed. A twilight safari is a must-do activity.

  • Hummer Desert Safari

In a hummer, go on a desert safari. Dubai is the place to go if you want an enjoyable and safe vacation. One of the country’s most excellent SUVs, a magnificent and well-protected Hummer, hit the dunes. It’s one of the most thrilling sports to participate in Dubai because a professional driver drives it.

After the trip, you’ll be transported to a campsite where you can participate in a range of activities. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, including sand boarding, camel riding, and other activities, as well as enjoy a delicious BBQ meal. The entire adventure will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime!

  • Camel Safari in Dubai

A trip to the desert without taking a ride on a desert ship is a complete waste of money. Camels are unquestionably well-known in this part of the world. If you’re concerned about the treatment of these animals, rest assured that they’re well-fed and never abused.

Discover how people crossed the desert 50 years ago when they had no other choice. The safari lasts about 45 minutes on the back of the camel. It’s frequently included in a package that includes a complete desert safari trip, which may be enjoyed with loved ones on a Dubai honeymoon.

  • Dune Buggy

An once-in-a-lifetime off-road adventure is renting a dune buggy and exploring the deserts on your own. The dune buggies come complete with roll cages, bucket seats, seat belts, a fire extinguisher, night lighting, and continuing technical assistance.

You can choose between single and double-seater buggies depending on the number of persons in your company and whether you want to ride alone or together.

  • Adventurous Dirt Bike Ride

On a dirt bike, ride up and down the dunes in the centre of the Dubai desert. The low-cost Dubai desert safari package includes beginner coaching and all necessary safety equipment. These tours are usually pricey, but if you enjoy riding dirt bikes and want to experience something different, it’s worth it. It could be a great way to start your Dubai vacation.

  • Sand Skiing

Sand skiing, an exhilarating and unique activity is suitable for the expanse of the Dubai desert. Some dunes reach dizzying heights of 200 or 300 meters, making sand skiing possible. Take in the majesty of the Dubai desert while sliding down those gorgeous dunes. Your desert safari Dubai will be made much more memorable with a Hummer safari.

Winter is the best season to visit Dubai. The optimal time to visit is dependent on your vacation interests, needs, and expectations. It is prudent to seek advice from the best Dubai tour and travel firm. Perhaps they will provide you with the best recommendations. Dubai, without question, has a lot to offer its visitors. Make sure you don’t miss out.


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